An inspiring day at Sabaratay !

Today I met with the owner and creator of the very multicultural, vibrant and trendsetting clothing line 'Sabaratay'. I love clothes that make a statement and I have been looking for so long for someone who can hook me up with gorgeous African inspired clothes and Girl, I finally found it. Sabaratay is the answer to my prayers, I met with the owner today (Sonah Baratay) and I got the privilege to come to her apartment and look through her stunning collection. She is also making an outfit for me for my baby Azelias one year birthday, I am so excited guys. 
You know I love to mix and match African clothes and prints with a touch of modern day outfits so this is absolutely perfect! 
Here is a little peek-a-boo at what she has. I love the pants and blazer (GOTTA HAVE IT!!!) 
If you want to see more from Sabaratay check out :  SABARATAY


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A great scarf deal!

Good evening ! 
I have had a pretty wierd day because my pride and joy baby Azelia is experiencing her first cold. As a first time mother I am also experciencing how it feels to see/hear my baby girl have breathing complications at night and sneezing repeatedly. 
This has been a day that reminded me to buy something very important... Buy scarfs! Haha ! 
Scarfs are huge time savers as I've said time and time again (especially if you are a natutalista) because you can look cool n chic withing minutes and you can dress them up or down depending on how your feeling. 
Like me today I wish I had more basic color scarf because then it's easier to match, tie on my head and attend to my baby and get out of the house. 
I found this great store that many Stockholmers know of that is known as Creole. Right now they have every thing in their store at half price like; earrings, hair clips, ties and of course scarfs. 
I bought 1scarf for 30kr 😃!!! 
So if your looking for basic scarfs this is where you need to go! 

Here are the colors I bought. 
I did a quick demo of what one looks like on, so it's not really my best but at least you get the hang of it! 
You can wear gorgeous makeup if your going some where nice or do a neutral
I did an hombre lip today (totally unplanned) for you guys so you get a little of my vision! 

Colors I got: 
And a funky green leopard :) 

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Funky soul sunglasses

Hey guys! 
I am soo missing Jamaica and my family at the moment but the sunny day and some reggae music will have to do hehe! 
I am on my way to get a back rub so I am a pretty happy! The other day I bought a pair of sunglasses from Monki that fit absolutely perfectly for this beautiful weather! I'm totally feeling funky today!!!

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