Todays look; Marley braids up do!

Hey !
Good morning!
I am enjoying my marley braids to the fullest here in Jamaica.People give a lot of compliments and even think this is my natural hair:) I guess it's because it looks rough and the roots are hard to see but I think its because I'm always with my dad who has had his natural dreads for 14years or so hehe. My dad has good hair! it was perfect for our busy day and the heat here in Jamaica hehe.
I did it by myself. I started in the back and just wrapped the hair around it's self. I didn't use any hair pins or hair bands. The hair it's self is long so I wrapped it around buns that I made.
Marley braids are really versatile :) 
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Our trip to the famous Randy's Records, KIngston Jamaica

Good morning
It is 08.21 and we are just waking up. I am starving so I will make this quick haha.
Yesterday I told you that we went to Kingston to do some shopping. It was a very good/bad expereince for us We went to down town jamaica which is known for it's crimes. You have to watch your back and don't flash with gold/silver jewelry. Luckily we were not wearing any, but my dad was (he forgot) and a little boy snatched his gold chain when he was on his way to get an umbrella from the car.
My dad started running after him but then when he realized that this boy taking him into a wierd neighborhood away from the main junction where we were, so dad just gave up and went back to us. He said that the boy was probably going to lead him straight to his gang and do something bad to him.
I'm just happy my dad caught up before something bad happend and even though he lost his expensive chain I'm happy he is alright. 
We did have area guards with us yesterday, they have these special chains so when people see them they know "ok these people know people in this area" but my dad wanted to just go to the car and get an umbrella because it was raining and he was thinking of Azelia so he went by himself.
So what were we doing in down town Jamaica? We went to get some vinyl records for my man who is a DJ.
He is a vinyl collector and he wanted to go to Randys record store as it is called because it is a famous store and a dream place amoung vinyl collectors/ DJ's. artist like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Yellow man, & Junior Mervin have recorded there so it was pretty cool to be there.
Buuuut I was mad because we could have died hahaha, no but seriously, think if that was me?!? I was would have been traumatised hahaha! But my man is such a vinyl freak that he was too excited and I don't think he understood in the beginning the danger that we were in. 
He did get his vinyls though, dad is okey but was pretty low from the disaster and I am fine. 
I bought a few hair products in up town jamaica (no risky business) that I will post about for you guys, I am in love with Jamaica man, it is a black womens dream when it comes to hair products! 
Here are pictures from yesterdays trip to kingston jamaica and the famous Randy's Records. 
Randy's Records opened 1961 !
This is a room full of vinyl, aka vinyl heaven ! 
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He said to me: Do yo want to be the last one standing?

Last week I did a look that reminded me of a wedding look and there is a song that I love that is a very typical african wedding song. So there for I gave that look the song title " if love is a crime".
So obviously this weeks song is that beautiful song from Mr. 2face that I always play on repeat. I think this is a great song with a nice beat, enjoy, if your'e in love then you love it even more! 
Back to Nigeria, west Africa Oga! 
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