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Hope you are doing great, I'm finally feeling a little relaxed after being so stressed out today. I started my hair day by doing a deep conditiner while taking a bath. It was conditioned for 30min with tresemmes naturals conditioner then rinsed and finger combed.  I used a wide tooth comb under running water to make sure everything was combed through I really liked this and made the detangling process much easier. I do have to say that, always put your hair in sections and find the biggest ass comb you can find girl HAHA. Because if you have my hair, you can't live without it. I did avoid combes for a while but these days I need the extra help especially for my jamaican roots hehe. 
For the blow out I used; argan oil, fantasia heat protectant and curls unleashed leave in conditioner, that I am really crushing at this moment. I bought my leave in at afrostore. I bought this almost 6 months ago and the first time I just wasn't convinced but then again I never am. So I decided to wait for another moment and latley my hair needs more than my usual natural ingredients, that I usually use so I tried it out for my twist I did the other day and I am loving it, especially the smell is like heaven 😍🙌🏾. 


My vainty section, before and after

Hey loves! 
I have finally finished my o valled vanity section in out room. I'm not sure if I like the name vanity section haha but that's what they call it... I wanted a huge difference because we have really nice wall paper and the rest of room wasn't good enough for it. So I searched for inspiration when it came to furniture etc.My corner isn't actually that big because our bed takes more than half the room and our wardrobes are huge. So it was important to me that I used smart, small and well organized furniture. 
Here is the before 🙈

Here is the after 

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