Stockholm reggae club 3 years anniversary

Hey guys!
Hope all is well, I am so freaking exahusted from this day and it's not even over yet for me, been studying since I got home tonight and I have to finish a few other things before resting tongiht :( Ouuuh
Anyways I haven't left a little info about my saturday night out with my cousines, baby and his friends :)
We went to slakhuset to the big 3years anniversary of Sthlm reggae club. It was a really nice night, I wanted to party all night, it was a shame they closed 3oclock cause that was when I was getting in the mood haha.
The main floor was hosted by the big dj Rodigan and the other two were a little mixed, and a perfomance by govenour andy. It was all together a very good mixture :) It was all together, reggae,dancehall and soca most of the night. I hope they do that again sometime it was really nice! Mixed people too. I enjoyed myself no doubt.
Here a few mingle pictures we took from that night. Sorry didn't have anymore. But it was wicked :)
Glad you could join :) 
♥ Dude got the peephole to my soul

Runover, but hey paychecks here!

Hey woke up about an hour feeling like someone run over my body haha, so freakin tired, yesterday I fell asleep after 22.00really tired =/
But it's good cause tonights activities are really gonna need strentgh. I'm soon hitting the showers cause I have to go to town to meet my lovley cousine that doesn't live her, I'm going to help her shop :)
I'm going to have to stay away from shopping though cause I have to save money for my trip and activites this summer. Got my first paycheck, and I am very happy =)  WOOOOHOOO!
Helloooo trip here we come :)
Yesterday I didn't have time to do my hair, so going to have to do it today, hope it won't take too long.
Cause gotta look my best tonight :)
Time for the shower y'all, then meet up with baby and cousines nr.two for partynation.
Tek care, leaving you with an awesome feel good song from Nicki Minaj, having a bad day? Feeling like shit?
But this on and you will feel like a million bucks!

My friday night; Study, chill and makeover

Hey guys!
Hope your friday has been irie, mine has been just the way it is suppose to be :) I am a little proud of myself cause I actually did some homework (interview) today over lunch with my friend Magnus. So I have one less thing to worry about, it feels good :)
I even got a little glims of my husband haha, it feels wierd to write that but it's only been about two days that we haven't seen each other and he was in the neighbourhood so we saw each other a quicky today :) So I got a lot done even though I was working most part of my day:)
Today was my bosses birthday so my other boss Linda sent me to go buy a few stuff to make her happy. I thought it was gonna be just a little but noo, it was fruits; kiwi, strawberries, apples and grapes. Then we hade 4 cakes. Shiiiet! after that I didn't even get to taste ANYTHING!!! people are so hooked on shit that they sometimes forget about others, but it doesnt matter haha, less fat in my body ;) So while they were getting fat in the staff room, I was working haha! But it still sucks that everyone had a piece but not me, but I guess you gotta take one for the team huh?
Right now I want to lose some weight cause I'm feeling heavy and unhealthy, I know I don't look fat but just want to lose some to feel lighter, so when I run or walk fast I don't have to feel exhausted hahaha ;)
I'm planing on getting that freaking gym card I've been talking about forever very soon.
Anyways, I just got home about a half an hour ago and I'm exhausted!!! I did som groceryshopping and soon coming to cook some food. I also have to write down todays interview that I filmed and send it to my teacher TONIGHT!!! Then after that I am hoping to have the inner strength to do my hair.
It looks really nice I'm really happy with it. I got my inspiration from the 80-s- 90's cornrows and did a fringe in the front that I can play with how I want, but right now I want it to be longer.
I am a fan of Nicki Minaj, so if she can go crazy with her hair so can I hahaha
I really like this hairstyle that I've put together with a cool braid fom the 80s and my love for pinup fringes :)
But I tihnk I'm going to add some hair tonight to it to make it thicker and longer. Tomorrow we are going out so it's nice to look fierce but most importantly stand out!  ;)
This is what it looks like now;
I want it about this long, or longer ;)
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