Makeup school 2: Bicolour technique

Hey !
Finally some time to relax...I just finished doing my makeup homework which was suppose to be in a few days ago, I'm not behind though because this was like an extra homework for those who have time. Time isn't something I really have these day when Azelia has just started preschool but make up makes me happy and I am eager to learn so of course I have to do any extra homework that comes my way.
Anyways to make it pretty short for you today. 
This homework was just about being able to try out something called the bicolour technique
This is about using a light colour on your lid and adding a darker colour on your outercorners (your outer v) but also your crease.
The lighter colour is suppose to give light (open your eyes) and a happy feeling to your look. The darker is to make your eye look smaller. 
TIP: The secret to this is adding the dark colour in your crease and then out to the outer corner (is that what it's called haha)? Anyways the other secret is to put BLEND. If you are like me an instagram makeup freak, people are always talking about blending that shit, and that is true. The more you blend the better it will look. Makeup is basically being able to mix and match colours, but also if you can take a colour that is totally opposite to another and make them look like they where meant to be together and blending can help you a lot. If you can do that you are a hella good artist. 
So this is my look that I did, I can do better than this, but I'm here to learn from scratch so I'm taking it easy so I don't miss anything. 
SORRY ABOUT MY EYEBROWS hahaha I'm trying to grow out my hairs!

Make up school : 1

Hey Girl!
I am back and feeling great!
Pretty tired from all the things going on but feeling great !
I have finally started my education in MAKEUP!!!! WIIIHOOO! So I am in it to win it and guuurl it is sooo exciting.
I have no make up experience only like you, make up for party or just to feel/look good. Because I love you guys so much I thought I could share my journey with you and give you some tips from now and then. 
Here is my first makeup  home work which was to do foundation, concealor, higlight/shading and a red lip with matching blush to give an intensive look. 
The challenge for me here was to try to edit my lips so they looked even. I have BIG ass lips hahah and I love them, but for me editing was a bit hard because I had to fix my underlip to be even on both sides.
I used first a lippencil, to contour and then rubbed it gentley on my lips so that the lipstick wouldn't bleed and crack. Then I put on my lipstick, this is Ruby Woo from Mac. 
Tip of the day: When putting on foundation put it on in a down motion that way you fine hairs on your face will lay down perfectly. I was told to use a sponge but I liked my own foundation brush better. 
What do you think? 
 My eyebrows where NOT done in this picture because it was a foundation/lipstick focused home work. 

My first DIY box braids

Hey girl! 
Hope all is well I am seriously busy latley, I will be a liitle slow on posting because of all the stuff I have going on but I promise to try to check in with you as often as possible. 
I finally finished my boxbraids (it took me 3 day, having a baby isn't easy girl
hahah) and I wanted to show you. This isn't anything special but It's a big deal because it was the first time I braided my hair. 
There will be more pictures but here is a little teaser
I personally love them and I needed a protective style now that it's so freaking cold outside!!!!
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