Hey Guys!
I'm still bloging but I have now connected my blog to a bigger website so I can spread my news with a bigger crowd, but nothing is changing just better! :)
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Hair preparation for MissAfricaSweden 2011

Hey guys!
I'm still home and wil lbe for a couple of hours, cause 1: I'm not feeling so good, my throat is hurting me,
and I have to perm my hair cause my hair is really afro haha! It's time to do something about it so I can comb my hair again. Here are a few things I bought yesterday for todays hairprocess :)

I've never used a premium too that was 18'' so this is gonna be interesting because the premium too hair I had last time I had forever!!!! really good quality, hair is from Visons butik and is Sensationnel.
I'm switching over now to color nr. 2 cause my hair isreally light now, I think that can happen with perming and sunlight. So Lioness is offically a nr.2 :)
And my homekit for perming :) aaah I've missed u hahah!
It's organics, Olive oil, I use a regular strength cause otherwise it breaks your hair easier. So even if you have a big afro, try to use a less strong perm the next time.

IF YOU LOVE AFRICAN MUSIC AND DANCEHALL, this is where you need to be

Hey Guys !
Tomorrow is the day that magic system and Awilo will be playing. It's serious hot stuff! You don't want to miss the sick mix of Dj's on f4 dancefloors, playing african music form north, south, east and west africa and carribean hotness like dancehall. That's right this is a for real, a whole night of african music live with MAGIC SYSTEM AND AWILO! Don't miss, if your not sure if you know who these big stars are, check outa few videos down on this page!
Some songs you might know.
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