Im losing it!

Good evening people!
I am so tired. Oboy. I have started to sleep very late and wake up very early.
I really don't know why..hmm! But I'm not just losing sleep, but also my blogpost haha
I know I really suck right now. To be honest things are a bit unstable at the moment, I have been a little down and on my bday things did go a bit wrong, and I was pissed off....but that wasn't anyone in my private lifes fault.
I just need to think a little bit what I want to do with a couple of things in my life, chose the right path so I can start feeling happy again.
I am happy but something is disturbing me for sure and I need to turn it around.
Today I worked all day, and I came home around 21.00, I had a little something to eat (not too much, you know diet n all) and then I started working out, think I spent about 55mintues today on the machine, I really love it. I put on some dancehall music and OBOY! I was really hype:) I could workout more, but I have to to work tomorrow so I will need to hit the showers and wash my hair cause tomorrow there is no time :) Cause I'm going out with my peeps to celebrate my b-day yeeah I can't wait.
But I have to leave now.
operation wash my hair awaits.
Sleep tight yall!


Hey !
I have just had a little brunch and I could eat more, but I shouldn't cause then I will burst and then I will have to wait a little extra before I can start training, and then I would probably be too lazy haha.
Anyways today was my first appointment with my physiotherapist. She (Rita)  got me doing a little crazy stuff with my knee, and all I can say is that I have a lot to work on.
I found out that my little workout machine at home is really good for my knee, so that I should continue using it. I was really happy when she sad that, but she also tould me that I put too much pressure in my knees and back while standing. So this also explains why my knee is in a bad condition, but also why I usually have back pains. She gave me a little movements to do while I'm home, but I will probably be there once a week doing exercises with her, so that I do them right and build up my muscles.
This was the room we started out in before hitting the gym. I had to strip aka take of my pants and she looked/touched/pressed/felt my knee then she measured my muscles and she told me that one thigh was shorter/less flexible than the other and that my muscle above my bad knee was really thin so we need to work on getting that in the same shape as my good knee. OBOY!

Birthday Gifts !

Yesterday while my day went on I got a present from my stepdad, although we talked about not getting me anything special this year, cause I want to focus on my driving license and if there are any costs he agreed to take care of them. But still he was kind enough to get my a new pair of Sleek Series Shoes from Adidas and I got three pairs of socks *yeeah* You know my issue with socks right?
They always disapear so that's why you can never have too many.
So I was really happy for that.
But I also got a birthday gift from Emile. Very sweet of him.
This is Rosé champagne straight from Paris, he siad I should open this only on a special occasion. IF I'm going out this friday/saturday to celebrate my B-day I might just open it.
Thank you Dad and thank you Emile :)
And a little bubbly bubbly :
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