Shopping at Colours of Africa

Hope your enjoying your sunday?
Mine started really good but now I've crashed and burned:( Seems like I was running on half battery mode. I did managed to do at least one thing that I wanted to do today and that was visit the african SOFO store " Colours of Africa" that is owned by a family friend called Funmi. I had the pleasure of meeting her about 2-3years ago when I was competing in Miss Africa Sweden. She was the designer of our african outfits. Since then I've been going to her store to buy my african touched clothes and jewelry. Today I came home with 5 items: a pair of high waisted pants (sowed by Funmi), two pair of earrings (handmade in africa), a hand weaved hand bag and also a body soap from Nigeria called black soap that is awesome for healthy fresh baby smooth skin.
Colours of Africa have a little summer sale if your pockets are limited, I got 20% off my pants.
Here are my new friends, my favorite buy are the trousers because I love the print !!!

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All I want is to protect my child

Good morning!
Still in bed having breakfast cause I'm too lazy to leave hehe...
I haven't had the best night, a little pain and a little sorrow. I had two nightmares in one night and the most scary one was the one I don't want to share too much, it was too personal. But I know that dreams like these can be common when having a baby cause then your motherly instincts kick in and you start dreaming about things your afraid of. My dream was about someone trying to hurt my precious peanut and me :( those who know me also know that violence is s part of my background and I can at times feel very traumatized by it and now becoming a mother all you want to do is protect your child from any kind of violence. Haha I wasn't going to share anything but shared a little. It's like that at times when I start writing I can't stop.

Now Me and peanut are up, she's been moving since an hour back now and was dancing to soca music that I recently played, bless her! Well time to get up and make something out of this day! Peace! 

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Our day !

Hi !
Just about to enjoy some food mmmm!
We have been home today cleaning the apartment, the kids are coming tomorrow and we thought it was time to just fix the place up a little. Now we are in out neighbourhood outside a pizzeria and mamas ready to dig in on this sunny day!
Have a nice afternoon !!!

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