My look today

Just leaving a little photo of me today, I managed to get myself together before going to the mall, felt a little bit more like myself, the way I used to feel 8months ago haha.
I found a very comfortable skit at an bohemian store called "indiska" that is so cozy and fitted without making me look huge or putting too much pressure on my belly:) I would recommend checking their stuff out! They don't have a mommy section but good sizes and comfortable clothes for all shapes and sizes.

Happy Bday Stepson

Hi !
Praise the laawwd praise the laaawd! I got through this day and actually did what I planned to do. Do you know how many times that's actually happened since I got pregnant? I just got home from my quick run to the mall. I changed my shoes so I'm hoping they will fit. And now I am hone putting together my stepsons birthday gift. I thought his birthday next week, but it was today haha " good stepmom". No it was actually my boyfriend that said to lola that it was next week ;) but I wrote it down and what I put down was right all along haha!
So just putting the things together. :)
Then it's time to cook before hubby gets home :) well gotta get to it!
Happy birthday stepson nr1 your fabulous and I hope your gonna like your gifts and that you one day let me braid your long hair ! Xoxo !!!

An OK morning so far!

Hi !
I'm up since an hour ago or something and I've already started with a few chores. Just finished doing the dishes and I'm going to have breakfast and then I've got to take care of our clean laundry that needs folding, clean the bathroom and living room and then hopefully take my ass to town to change a pair of summer shoes that were too small. It's important to have comfortable shoes for the summer.
Yesterdays workout did me good, I managed to sleep better than the night before and peanut didn't stretch as much. When the lord gives me a little opportunity and strength to get things done I take it. I'm only 7weeks away from giving birth, everyday counts!
Well need food my blood is going down. Good morning guys!

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