You missed your train

I ain't got time for people who are not serious.
I don't play games, I don't wait for ANYBODY and I don't take crap from NOBODY!
If something is on my mind, I will tell you how its is!
if I want something i aim for it and take it!
Phukk off!

Lioness gone bazangas with the 25!

Like I wrote earlier, it took me ages to get to town. Why? I had to curl that freaking Brazilian hair, and I did it by the book, seriously! Look at me hair? Hahah You can really see I put my heart into it.
I washed my hair, curled my hair, and I curled the Brazilian hair.
I had to hurry cause I had to buy a new headset for my phone. Yesir I lost my headset for my iPhone, and you guys know that today you can't have a phone without an headset, cause in the phone you have mp3 and everything else. So without a headset I'm not functional!
So I had to rush to town to get a new one, so I was stressed about my hair and the freaking headset haha!
But I made it to town and guess what? I went shopping haha!
Yes Lioness went W-I-L-D !
But I will post that later on just wanted to show this hair that took five hundred years haha!
This is the machine that made it all possible:
From Björn Axén, 25 mm :)
And a little smile
Then it was time to go shopping :)

My new products from Björn Axén and Sebastian

I've been in town and I am exhausted ! This day has been very slow, at last to begin with, got up around 22.30 and then we started cleaning *pheew* we really had to!
Then i realized that I had a few products that I needed for my hair, so we stopped by my work place to pick up these stuff.
(From right to left)
1. Luxurious glow from Urban by Björn Axén - heat protecting spray, but also gives you the extra shine you need. (MUST HAVE)
2. Work me from Urban by Björn Axén - Flexible Hairspray that helps you style your hair one day to another.
3. Whipped cream from Sebastian - A hair Mousse that gives your hair volume and extra bounce to your curls.
4. Penetrating conditioner from Sebastian, for damaged or very chemical treated hair (like mine, that's permed)
5. Shine Define from Sebastian, a flexible hairspray :)
Can't wait to try them out :)
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