In my moments of boredom I like to do small creative things, like take pictures, scrapbook or whatever. I also have a hobby for nails, usually like to get them done haha, a few years ago I started styling my own but then I moved back to sthlm and had no time. Since I'm pregnant and trying not to spend unnecessarily I kind of have to do my own nails when I can. I found a nail polish I really like and wanted to share that. Its from bikbok, it's discreet but still fabulous, this might come in handy later too if you want to design your own nails with a splash of glitter. This is what it looks like, kind of confetti/glitter looking.
Guys gotta eat, starting to feel sick :(

Starting to see body parts

Hey good morning!
Woke up early as phukk!!!
Yesterday we tried watching TV but fell asleep both of us before harry potter was over and woke up to Alexander hahah.
But I slept pretty good last night and baby too. I think he is feeling much better now... Didn't vomit at all but he still kept to his side of the bed and I kept to my side. We hardly touched each other this morning, but just a little heheh...
I've taken all my vitamins so hopefully me and Peanut are in the safe zone.
Today we are planing on going to a baby shop in town to look for a stroller and a few things like a breast pump etc that we are going to need in a couple of months. We have to hurry up and do this before I go down hill and the stores close.
This morning peanut has been stretching and moving a lot I could even feel and see her body. It was unfortunately hard to catch on camera, maybe next time. Well good morning world, hope you slept good :)

Don't know how to feel

Hey very short post here cause my head feels really heavy.
Yesterday was my birthday and a few things went wrong that I really wish didn't happen, but I'm fine. Baby is sick, he's been vomiting since 02.30 I think this morning so we can't sleep in the same room which totally sucks. Not sure if he's got food poisoning or if he just caught something.
Poor thing I can't be close to him cause gotta stay healthy.
I have to get up now slept really long today which feels weird but waking up several times hearing baby puke didn't really calm my nerves.
I dressed up a little yesterday cause it was my bday so thought I could share a picture with you of my newly braided hair.
Thank you all of those who said happy birthday, nice to see who really cares...
Gotta go check on baby! Smell you later

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