First try-out with BHC eyeshadows

Happy saturday to you all! 
I'm going to cut right to the chase. 
Yesterday I was really busy in town taking care of some christmas decorations for our home and looking for new make up brushes cause my BHC brushes are a disappointment.
 I didn't have time to find new make up brushes so I did give my BHC brushes a second chance and they were a little better after giving them a little wash but I still had to do a little of my eye makeup with my fingers :/. But I am happy so far with my eyeshadow palettes from BHC, they are really pigmented and easy to work with. 
So last night I gave them a try and this is what I came up with :) 
I used a dark brown on my crease that is from MAC otherwise everything on my eye is from BH cosmetics (except the lashes that are from depend) 

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Todays look: hair and makeup

Hi pretty people! 
Today is friday and I am heading to town to do a little last minute shopping because my bhc brushes were a disappointment :( but the shades are gorgeous! I wanted to share my look today that I  very happy that I could put together, cause this is makeup basics 101. Learning how to blend natural shades is the first step to get other rainbow colors to match your skin tone everyday. 
I'm not wearing primer today because my intention wasn't to use any eyeshadow but then you know how it is, once you pop you can't stop hehe:) 
I did a little contouring as well.
My headwrap is from h&m and I'm protecting my afro cause it is -0 c today. I moisturized my hair underneath put it in two pigtails, wrapped the ends in two buns and just wrapped this lovely scarf on my head :) and voilaaa!!! Good to go! 
Feeling pretty fresh, thank you very much hehe! 
Have a nice day xoxo! 

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It's just a phase that I'm going through

I can't and I won't go into details but this week hasn't been the best of weeks for me and I am trying to stay on the positive note. 
I am really in my own zone and actually feel like I need some "me time" to focus. It is weird cause I do spend a lot of time alone, but I don't mind that cause I am pretty focused on Azelia and other things that I need to do for myself in the future, but the time to start doing them is now now now and not a minute later. 
I stay really positive most of my time and being a mom you really have no choice, there is some one looking up to you so the smiley face has to stay on. Even at that I am a kind of person that likes to keep it real and not "fake" my emotions. So I thought perhaps putting a few words down might make it "feel" better. 
I can't really say what's going on with me cause it is really personal to me and its really weighing down on me but I try to stay positive cause I know that god never gives us more than we can handle. 
Yesterday night after keeping it all in, I kind of broke down and I was surprise that it has been taking this big a part of my emotions but it is what it is. I guess I never actually felt like this about this kind of thing this way and I needed my little "break down" to feel a little better. 
I am sorry if I don't call/hangout/act as I usually do towards some of you, I just need some time alone and thinking space. 
I'll be gone till next november (hahah joke) no but seriously, it needs to take the time it takes. It's a thing I'm going through that I believe we all do go through in some point of our lives. I'm just going through it now. I don't think my friends and family know what's going on, I've spoke to one relative about it and a few friends just a little but the only one that really knows is my man. He was really confused yesterday hehe...he wanted to comfort me but I said nothing was wrong at first then I broke down (women huh?). 
It felt better talking to him and letting it all out.
I guess I didn't know what was really going on with me. But I've embraced the feeling and I'm dealing with the punches, that's all I can say. 

Sorry for being absent people, hope you some how can understand and when this is over, hope to see you again! 

Well back to bed (timer post) 
Good nighty 
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