Answering a readers question

Just answering the question :
" Are you competing in the MissAfricaSweden conteest, and where is it taking place? "
yes I will be competing in the MissAfricaSweden contest.
I just want to take this opportunity to sa that this is a total diffrent Missafricasweden, than the last one that a lot of people are familiar with that took place on a boat last year.
'This MissafricaSweden is founded by MaishaGalan and does NOT have a swimsuit act and the goal with it is to create rolemodles for young african girls.  Also to be goodwill ambassadors for africa and represent africa in different events in mostly Sweden, but according to our personalites and personal goals.
The event is taking place on the 4th of June at Bryggarsalen in Odenplan, stockholm, if you want more infor click here to check out the event on FB :  MISSAFRICASWEDEN 2011

Chilling @ Mr. H's and a lot on my mind

Hey guys!
Today the weather is pretty good here in Stockholm. Right now I'm hangig out at MR. H  and listenining to some music and just enjoying the sun. He will be hoe from work any minute from now.
I have a lot on my mind. Especially about Friday ( When Magic System and Awilo are playing in Münchenbryggeriet, and I have a litte surprise that I'm working on, so a little nervous about that)
But I am also thinking about saturday when the MissAfricaSweden contest is coming to an end and a beautiful girl will be crowned as the winner. I am a little bit nervous about the questions, why?
Cause I want every question to be answered well, I mean even though I know myself and what I want it can be hard to put it all in good sentence especially if I'm nervous. But I'm staying positive and I think I can do this. I can do the best, give the best out of me, so that no matter what happens I will be proud of myself. That's the most important thing.
Now Picture time, I know you guys love them pictures.
I had a really good veggie dinner yesterday with Mr. H For starters we had som small pizza and champagne at Mr. H's mamas house. Mr. H bought some really nice champagne for his mama on mothersday, so she wanted us to say hi and try it. And O'boy it went straight to my head haha. Then when we got home, Mr. H made this:
I didn't think I was that hungry but obviously I was cause I had some more after that big plate. He made some kind of cornchicken "veggiechicken" fried with some Italien cheese, and crushed tortilla shells,  with rice, some nice salsa made from crushed tomatoes, chilli etc. It was really good. And on the side smo white wine.
This is my enviroment right now, nice fake palm trees Mr. H put about all around is frontyard hahaha!
It looks like we are in Miami right?
Yes I'm munching away with maltesers and my craving nr. 1 Doritos!!!!!

Americas next top model season 16 winner is!!!!

Here she is people.
I really, honestly did know that she was going to win when we got to the middle of the cycle.
I think she deserved to win, what do you think?
Her name is on the first ppicture in the corner
This season they did something different, can you see?
There were a few others that I was cheering for:
Alexandria ( Even though she was the top modle bitch of the house, she took really good photos)
And Hannah that reminds me a lot of Annaleigh from a former season :
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