What's up tonight?

Yo ! Just wanted to say, cheers! It's friday, I just finished work, soon going home to get ready fi the night. Plans sre club bambaataa bambaataa with pat and alex aka dj ulmox. I am not going all out cause I am working tomorrow.! Have a nice evening where ever u at! Peace

My new smile and todays look

Good morning!
I've been up a few hours, spent my morning at the dentist*expensive*
I went to see them on monday, cause I chipped my tooth from eating chicken at back a yard hahaha! Daamn I love my chicken, so anyways after being there I thought I might as well fix a few other things. But I couldnt stop bleeding so I had to wait for two extra days, and now I have a pretty smile again *yeeeah!
Today I'm working really late, so I might not have time to share a few thoughts in the evening, but will try my best.
This is me today, wearing clothes from Zara and h&m.
At toni and guy we always have to wear black, white and grey at all times, this is the main reason why I'm always wearing these colors.

Here I am, my look and new smile!
Enjoy your day!

My look today

Good guys!
I'm on my way to work and I am so tired haha!
I had a really short evening yesterday cause I was sooo tired, my hours are pretty good but still I cant'r get enough of my bed...maybe that time of the month is coming soon...baby sure thinks so cause i was not the happiest camper yesterday. But today is a good day and I'm ready to be stormed away by the day.
Today I am rocking my full lace wig from lacewigtrend.com that has s lot of good prices and quality hair.
My hair is a yaki hair that was originally 18" but is now 16" and it was nr 2 but is now cut, bleached and toned at toni&guy.
I will be trying a lot of lacewigtrends products and I have already ordered a new product. It is a bit brighter than I'm used to but I'm working on making it a little bit more me.
Will post a picture tomorrow.
But this is me today rocking the black and red!
Have a nice day :)

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