Have you heard the latest news?!

Hello darling, hope all is well!
 I am doing pretty good this evening. 
I've decided to take out my braids because I just can't stand when my hair get's rough. A protective style is suppose to protect and when my ends start showing it is no longer a protective style. My daughter is sleeping on my lap at the moment, so I thought I could take a few mintues to share with you guys my latest new project. 
It is a new group called Natural hair Scandinavia   (type 4 hair).
The group is for people with type 4 hair living in Scandinavia (obviously) who want or are natural and need guidance from people who are in the same situation as they are. We, the admins are a mixture of people who have been on their natural hair journey for a while and have loads to share. We want our members to feel comfortable so there for our group is members only that can see it and we hope to grow and empower every single one of you.
We want to promote black businesses like hairdressers, youtubers, bloggers, shop owners and all inbetween. 
We are here for one and other and put in a good vibe in everything we post. 
If you wish to join, please contact me.

Here is our logo. Join us on instagram at : Naturalhairscandinavia 

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I've grown a lot since my last blog post

Hi loves! 
Hope you enjoyed your friday, I had a very odd day yesterday, I went shopping because sales is craaazy right now but I couldn't find anything, I spent probably 4-5 hours and came home with onyl things for Azelia hahah! 
I am going to look today as a last minute option. My plan is to show you what I got, so wish me luck otherwise I'll have to pull something out of the old wardrobe... 
Besides wardrobe failure, I had a great highlight/contour day haha 
Highlight = where you want the light to hit your face or you want features more shown
Contour= where you want shadows to hit your face and not put focus on. Makes features seem smaller.  
So here is the picture evidence. I think I've grown a lot since my last blog post, what do you think? 

Easy curls for Natural Hair

Hey Loves!
Here is another video that has been up for a while on my channel (Lioness Davis on youtube) and it is a very easy tutroial on ho wto get really nice curls that lasted for two day and even looked better on day 2 than day 1. 
Hope you enjoy <3 
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