Making a wig with hair from Divine Hair Sweden. (Part 3)

I can finally say that I have finishedthe DIY wig and I am very happy with the results!
I finished the around yesterday evening maybe at 23.00 because I decided to curl it to get the definition and style I want to rock tonight at my dinner party. 
Now lets get down to the jucie details you are probably waiting for.
What went right? 
To be perfectly clear everything basically went in the right direction after I removed the tracks from inside  of the cap. That was my main issue, but when I sowed on the outside everything went smoothly, thank god haha! The cap fitted really well and I managed to tuck in the remainings to hide it. So on the sides I will just leave a little of my own hair to hide any potential give aways of the cap, just in case ( with a jamaican accent).
How is the hair acting? 
The 22" peruvian hair from Divine Hair Sweden has been nothing but a dream guys, I really can't complain. I had a little frizz after I washed it but that wasn't an issue because it was a cool look if you like big hair. In this case I do want volume for my end results but I used argain oil and then curled it and there is no frizz. The hair is nice and silky. 
How did I make my elastic band / Is the cap safe?
My elastic band is bought at a material/sowing store and it was really cheap. I just sowed it underneath the cap so that it would give me extra hold and make me feel safe. The white cap it's self is really comfortable and easy to tuck in without making me feel insecure. If you want to use only the cap as hold it would work out good. I am a "fling my hair back n forth" kind of gyal so I need both haha! 
What is my next step? 
My next step is styling it for tonight. I will be brushing out my curls and spraying it a little extra for extra hold. For my curls I used my curling wand, argan oil, tangle teezer and hair spray from Björn Axén. 
How I put on my elastic band inside the cap:
This is what it looked like before curling, as you can see a little frizz, but still gorgeous
To achieve the perfect closure parting I parted the hair first and then sprayed with water. The water helps it lay in the direction you want. I then painted with my foundation so that it will look more real and fit my complexion. 
The back
Now curled
From the back
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Happy birthday to me!!!

It's my birthday today and I couldn't be more happy in life! 
I really want to thank the great guy upstairs for another year filled with happiness.  
I am truly learning each day about life and how to become the best woman I can be. Friends have come friends have gone but those who stuck through it all in good and bad thank you sooo much! 
I have friends that I also consider family now: Esma and patricia we got this girls for life! 
Dolly you are forever my big sis and as my dad said you are my guardian angel. 
My best friend, husband to be, father of my only child, thank you for putting up with me every day, teaching me what you know, encouraging me to for-fill my dreams and thanks for making me laugh everyday. I love you!  
All those who have showed love and support with my dreams, pregnancy and what ever thank you! 
Here is the yummie cake I ate about ten minutes ago of course not all if it haha I'm saving it for those coming over today:) 

Happy 8months Azelia!

My daughter Azelia is 8months today!!!
I can't believe time is just flying like nothing hehe! 
She has two teeth, yesterday she stod up for 5seconds, she has said bye bye and waved and she can say ma-ma & pa-pa! 
Every day is a blessing with her! 
Happy 8months Zelzel we love you !!!

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