It fits my mood.

I have had a pretty messed up day and I don't really want to talk about it, but to get my mind offit I tought I should share a little blog post. It has been a while since I did a make up post and that isn't because I haven't been practicing, it's just I haven't had time to post the pictures for you guys. I am trying to upgrade in soo many ways so it is taking time so bare with me. It's nice that I have followers (that makes me happy) plus my boyfriend shaved his beard so I can see his handsome face (he just got home) so that makes me happy too hehe.
Here is a eye makeup that I did a week ago and it fits my mood today hahaha.
(FYI my hair is twisted just cause I was trying something out so don't pay attention to my permed ends. I know it looks horrible haha) 
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Mi love di vibes!

I've had a crappy day but music is always a nice thing and always makes me smile (why didn't I put it on earlier today I don't know haha?), when I put on this song my daughter Azelia started smiling so I really have to post this haha. It's a song that I had in my phone but didn't even know I had??? Anyways mi love it to death man, mi love di vibes! 

My new method is working!

I am working really hard to lose my mummy tummy and todays workout did really tire me out in the right way. 
I have been minimizing my carb intake to about half every meal and I have started to run as an aggressive approach to lose the rest of my body fat. 
My running is improving because I now notice that I can run further now without feeling any difficulties in my breathing but also my knees seem to be OK with it. I do try to combined my running with walking up hill to keep my pulse up. I was really happy to share that my calorie burn is higher each time and I hope to continue that way!  
After running I did 3 tummy exercises with three laps for every exercise *working haaard * then I did two butt exercises and then my squats! 
I can honestly say after minimizing my carbs and doing tummy training every gym session I am seeing differences already in my stomach. 
Just got to keep doing this, like the rest of the year haha *gooo me* 

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