Bandana madness

Good daay!

Hope everything is good with ya? Started my day with a little morning cozyness, stayed in bed maybe two hours after we woke up. Really nice, since I've been working all week we didn't really have time for each other, cause I came home so late at night and trust me, it isn't easy with a new job and studying in the evening. So bascially I just had to go to bed when I came home.
Anyways, I haven't really posted anything hairrelated in a while, I have bought a little new products to keep my hair, soft and managable. But from time to time I go from wanting it short to doing some braids or something. But I don't know, mostly just looking for something different. Getting kind of bored haha.
But then I remebered that I love the gangsta/pinup or what ever you wanna call it look.  Just a nice bandana from time to time and since my hair is short it really fits.
Baby has a few bandanas that I'm probably going to start using :)
Here are a few different colors, pattern and from india etc.;
This is from spring time last year, so I will be rocking this kind of look :)
This one is a really cool bandana, but it's too short for my head, but this is what it is for ;)
Too hide your identity if needed haha! Scary huh?

More shopping and gifts

Hey guy's I'm back, waiting for desperate housewives to download, baby is out with his friends tonight and I am suppose to be studying, but first, I need to take of the washing machine and clean in the kitchen, otherwise I won't be able to relax in the morning.
Cause tomorrow is also a studying day for me, I only have the weekends to study bascially cause after that I have to go to work monday-friday at least a few more weeks, then I'll start working saturdays.
Working as a receptionist is an important job but not because of all the computer work/paper work we do, but we are als othe first thing people see when they walk into a salon. We are the first impression, at Björn Axén I learned that you aways have to look your best, hair, clothes and even nails are important.
I love fixing my nails, so of course now I have to take extra care of them. Unfortunately my own nails have bailed out on me, which leaves me with no other choice than to cheat a little and design my own nails with first buy a nailpack (fake nails) and then paint them, decorate as I please.
Baby was so sweet and bought me three new colors from makeup store. I really love HM's colors but everyone knows that their nailpolish is good for two days, especially if you cook and clean.
So I need something with better quality, so Baby got me these fantastic colors from Make-up store;
While I'm showing off, I might as well show you my new arm bracelets I got for free today from BIKBOK, since I bought clothes over 300kr they gave me this for free, pretty cute :) It has a value of 99kr.
I don't know where I can buy these kind of nails, but I've been thinking about it for a couple of months, how cool it could be to do the vampire nails like Rihanna, a little edgy twist to your own person style no matter what your rocking;

Update; how I'm feeling, shopping and more

Hey guys!
Just got home from a trip to the sauna, Mr.H mom has a sauna that we can borrow now and then, and today was just the perfect day for that. I finished work early. I really didn't have to come in today but I did it anyways, just to geti n some routines and just show that I really care about this job opportunity that they gave me. It's an opportunity that I am really thankful for. I really needed it more than anything, thank god that I got it.
Mentally I am feeling much better than I have been doing this past month. I can't really say what it is cause it is private. But lets just say that things from my past, have impacts on me from time to time. It's not easy for anyone is this world, but we all try to stay positive.
But I really have stuff that was caused by one of the people I thought loved me. So it has it's ways of showing from time to time. If you know me then you already probably know, but if you don't then could probably guess by now. But I don't like to bring too much light on that subject. But I still have to keep it true to myself when I'm not feeling one-hundred percent like Karen.
Anyways, I am truely thankful for all the blessings that higher powers have sent my way these past months, like I said I've got a new job and with a new job comes, new clothes haha.
I did a little shopping today cause I don't have so much in my closet, but also cause I think it's healthy for me right now to keep myself in shape when it comes to dressing up etc. I always feel a little unsexy during the winter.
It's a very dark time for me and I can't handle it, so this was good for me, a new job and some new clothes.
I bought these today , as you know the stores have crazy sales after christmas here are the items I bought:
Org. price; 350 kr
Sales; 150 kr
Org. price; 150
Sales; 20kr

Org. Price 399kr
Sales: 149
Org. Prics; 129kr
Sales; 29kr
Orig. Price: 499
Sales; 149
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