Souluminati part 3

Good evening !
I am so tiered but I had an awesome time at souluminati. Alex (dj ulmox) did an awesome job putting all of that together. It was a mad mixture of all types of music and it went really crazy towards the end of evening when the african flavored songs came in haha! Their was a lot if live performances by hiphop rappers that I don't know the names of but they are very talented people. In the other room dj micke goulos played dancehall and reggae and did an awesome job, MCing next to goulos was Fabolous from the trinity crew.

Last time I never got to spend some time on that dancefloor but yesterday me and Bedor did make an effort and it was worth it! I couldnt stop dancing and the other dancefloor made me just want to take of my heals and do the running man hahah! Well not really but it was garamteed funkymode in there! 

Loved it! Souluminati is always fullhouse with good vibes.
I wish we had more nights like this, and by that I mean the mixture of live performances and djing:) It is a wicked combination, that doesn't sound weird but rarely happens in sweden if it isn't a big artist from ex Jamaica/USA etc coming.

When it comes to halloween costumes; there were probably only 6-7 people haha, but I was loving it. I love halloween. The only thing I can complain about that evening was my contact lenses breaking, really weird, that ruined my outfit but I was still happy and forgot about it as soon as I reached the p-a-r-t-y!
Well if you want to see a few pics/hear a few songs here they are! Peace!







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Hey guys!
I am finally pposting the pictures from the first ONE LOVE CRUISE that took place this year in April.
I know that in november the second cruise is coming up, but I won't be joining. The reason is cause I don't really feel like this years artist are anything for me, it is sad cause I have taken holiday from work but I feel like this one can't beat the last one we went to. I went with four friends, mathilda , Poetry, Patricia and Reddy and we had a kick ass time. The ship is freaking huge and the food is awesome. They have cheap and expensive food options for everyone. The taxfree is a joke, cause everything is pretty cheap. And the rooms are okey, not very spacious but it's alright to have a preparty in, and leave to hit the dancefloor.
The artist from April were really good, Mr Vegas and Kapten röd were no doubt my favorites. They had a dancehall queen competition that we were not that interested in but I heard it was pretty good and the winner was actually at the african waka waka party some months after. She has got talent I think and is very "free" in her way of dancing. It kind of reminded me of Beenie Man haha! But I like it when you can still be a talented daner but you don't know what's coming up, you can't tell it's choreographed. That's the best Dancehall !
The pictures are very clear cause they are from my digital camera and if you want to see a few food pictures, click on mathildas name to see the nice buffé that was offered. It was a mixture of Jamaican/Swedish food. 
When it comes to involving with your cabine neighbours or making new friends, everyone was sooo friendly. there was nooo fighting what so ever everyone was sharing and coming in and out of each others cabines and just spreading the love man!
Good vibes good vibes. 
The dancefloors were big enough I think, but the only thing I heard was not so good was the Rnb/Hiphop floor, people want more of that this time. I actually don't have anything to complain about, but I think they should have brought more powerful artist this time around, but perhaps they didn't have more time ? I don't know, but there will be more shows for me to attend and you too if your not going.
But if you are and what a glims of last time, here are a few pictures :) 
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Hey guys!
Before headin into the shower I wanted to share with you an event that is taking place tomorrow on the 21 of september. It is held by Maestro entertainment and is something big and massive that every dancehall lover should be at. I will try my best to be there tomorrow if possible, working late and on saturday but anyways. This event is sweet like sugah n spice.
World known, probably one of the biggest brittish DJ's ever when it comes to reggae,dancehall, drum n base  -SIR RODIGAN is spinning his shit at slakthuset tomorrow and will be joined by some live performances as governour andy who is a very talented reggae artist who knows how to make the ladies feel special with his voice , and JNR MARK awesome dj as well. 
For mor info check out the facebook page  RODIGAN, here is the flyer! If I can't be there you should! 
This event will make you feel like your in a likkle basement in kingston jamaica, sweating, listening to the baddest of the baddest while enjoying your wine/beer and wining against someone ;) Don't  we all need that right now? hahah
Here is the poster guys, gotta hit the shower! 
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