If your not here now, don't expect me to include you later on!

Had a night from hell:( hip problems but that's life.
Threw up about an hour ago but that's life...all this is a part of my pregnancy.
Today I planned working on my letter to the hospital so they know what I want and don't want during labor.
A few things I think I need to put down is : I don't want to see any needles, too much blood and that I want to go as far as possible without any drugs, but they need to tell me when the latest I can take epidural so that if I am in too much pain I don't miss that opportunity hahah! Cause that might end really bad!!!
My contractions are really strong and my attacks scare me at time, I hope not but she might come earlier than the due date if it continues like this. Today is week 29 and from now on little miss will be growing much faster, god damn it!!!
Better grow stronger back muscles,I'm going to need it.
It's been really nice of all those who have showed their support and congratulated me, thank you.
It's also funny knowing those who know but didn't even congrat cause either they are player hating or just pretending they don't know.
It's OK don't need fake people in my life anyways, but don't expect me to include you later on. You know I keep it real.
A child is a blessing and even if you like me or not, reading my blog everyday and wanting to know the scoop in my life but still not congratulating me, makes you a gossip loving, no lifer. If you were happy for me you would say it.
It's funny cause I've heard about people I no longer consider family that know about my business but still haven't sent their well wishes. To me you don't matter, your congrats don't mean shit, but don't think for one second if I see you on the street I'd let you come close to my family or treat you like family.
So pass that bullshit ;) you guys were not there during my struggle so no way are you welcome during my success. I had a horrible childhood and I am sooo happy I get a chance to make sure history doesn't repeat it's self.
Me and Peanut baby!!!

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