Answering a reader

Someone wrote; "
hey! you are literally like the pin to my paper haha that's weird! but basically you are saying what i have not yet the courage to say or do! i live and breath jamaica! i get sick sometimes or chills if you will..when i hear a particular reggae song! my weakness right now is jah cure lol i cant listen to him without wanting to escape to JA- anyways i love your blog! and one day i plan to move there as day-from the us "

Thanks for your post haha, it really made me smile :)
maybe we should go to Jamaica together sometime haha!
Have a great weekend, and it makes me happy to see that people enjoy my blog, keep on reading :) Bless!/Lioness

Little update from Mr. Vegas

Hey, I promised some pictures, I have more from the concert on my camera that is right now, with Ambar,
so I'll just have to post these that I got my hands on.
Like I said this trip was so much fun just form the start, the train trip with Rita and Ambar was sick, hahha, i had to of course do my Paris Hilton impression "where the hell are we" when we got to Örebro hahaha! But I liked Örebro, the little we saw though seemed nice.
The Dj line up of that night was DJ El-Bravo and Ras-I-Door, we missed Ras-I-Door and El-Bravo so we just saw DJ JIM and that isn't just a just cause we played good as usual. He played a lot of african music this time around, nice mix up and then there was life performances from Caribinghi amoung others, I have more pictures from the live perfomances but they will have to wait, sorry! I'm so unorganized I know haha! My bad!
Hearing Carbinghi live was my first time ever hearing his music, and my first time meeting him. It's a bit cute cause he is actually dating my junior high/collage friend, that was one my best friends in school (Rita), so when I found out they are together I was really happy for her. So I got to meet the boyfriend and the artist that night and he is a really nice guy I can tell you that.
Even better, I thought he wasn't going to be as good as he was, but he really WOWED me with not only the lyrics but the production and his stage performance. This guy had so much confidience on stage and he did it really good. So Big Up 2 you Carbinghi !

When it comes to Mr. Vegaaaaaaaaaaaas, tamale haha!
His perfomance was everything I had hoped for and I wasn't at all dispointed, okey the only thing that was off, was when he took off his tshirt hahaahh! I'm sorry but I don't like that type of thing. I remember when I was younger and went to a Usher concert adn he kept doing that over and over again hahaha, EUW! why? I'm into someone that just does their thing and we can listen to the songs man haha!
Anyways back to his performance. 
He had one hundred percent engery from the begining till the end. I stod close to the stage, but I spent most time dancing so I really didnt focus on what vybe the crowed was in the whole time, but they sure did seem to love it when I was watching. HAHA he played all the songs we remember adn love to wine down to and do our hot wuk ;) yepp everyone was doing it and I was joining in in my little short dress for sure!

So that was a little update from Mr. Vegas and I will have some more photos from Carbinghi´s performance.
Peace !

How was Kapten Röd? It was magical for me...

Hey guys!

It's friiiiday friiday haha! I just want to say that even though I spent my day being hung over yesterday, it was so worth it haha!
Wednesday as I posted was Kapten röd and club OMG. I didn't make it to OMG because i went all out with the partying at Kapten röd.
The concert was just beautiful, the weather was perfect for being outside and Kapten röd was on fire, and I haven't actually thought about how much I have been frequently listening to this guy for the past 6months but I almost knew/had heard every song he played. So I think I can now call myslef a fan of kapten röd. His music sounds like no other swedish artist so he is unique in his sound, the music was brought by the live band, just the way reggae is suppose to be, big up specially  to Partillo and Lancealot :) Good job guys.
Not only are these good musicans but also really nice people, spending a little time backstage I had a little chat with promoe, kapten röd, lancealot and general knas...haha and it was nice, all of these people are really humble and down to earth and made me and ambar really have a night to remember.
I'm going a little deep on you guys but, this is my blog so I have to from time to time.
Just  love these small moments in life, that bring people together but also make you remember why you should enjoy life, because in your hardest struggles not only can you enjoy music from Kapten Röd and many others, but also if life brings you opportunties like these to go to a concert or just sit in the park do it, take it and enjoy it, because this really made me happy.

When the concert started I was standing by myslef because Ambar had to run to seveneleven, so I had a little moment there with myself, and it was so beautiful, I know I sound like Oprah or something haha but It was deep for me, it was just as I was letting go of shit thats happend and I was just so thankful to be there in that place at that moment and I truley felt just blessed to be able to participate in such moments in life that bring so much joy to me and bring me so much closer to my roots

Music is a wonderful thing you guys. Embrace it!

One deep song, "Ju mer dem spottar på mig, desto snabbare kommer jag att blomma".
Translation, the more they spit on me (meaning fakeness, trashtalkers) the more I will florish (grow, get stronger) :

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