Could home made conditioner be better for my 4c hair?

Hey guys! 
Hope you are doing great! The weather here in Stockholm is causing people to drift away, no more grills, hangouts or the energy to call a friend to come over hehe. Everyone is going into depp winter mode. What keeps my spirit and energy going ? Well first of all I'm a mother but then hair is also my hobby and time drifter. 
If you follow me on my facebook page ( many colours of a black woman) I posted yesterday that I am now on a new chapter with my hair. I can clearly see I have growing hair, which not only means I've been doing well with my hair regime etc but that with determination, studying you can do anything. So now that I know my hair is well, I'm ready to take the next step intoy natutal hait care world. Make more of my natutal raw ingredients. Why? Well I have s few reasons and they will be up on my youtube channel soon I hope. It's time to talk about the real lioness. 
Yesterday I posted a picture on facebook of me in the process of making my own sheabutter Conditioner. I also tried doing a two strand twist and the definition of it was craaaazy (without gel) so I'm guessing I might be on to something. I hopw to share a cute after picture with you soon. 
Okey I gotta hit the books now! Later! 

Hot oil treatment (Trying out the plastic bag method)

Hey loves!
It's been a while and I see a few of you have been checking me out. I'm here girl, I'm just studying and figuring out my next move in life. I finally did my finals in makeup *wiiihooo* so today I could relax body mind and  soul and that gave me the energy and time to do my hair.
I recently cut my hair (trimmed) hehe it was shedding and had a lot of knots. I promised myself after Jamaica I was going to stop being so scissors happy so I could see more of my new growth and I think I made it to 5 months before I gave it a little trim here and there, but then I cut it again a few days ago and it made SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE. I am really happy because I almost wanted to cut it all off hahaha. Anyways tonight I decided to do a proper hot oil treament with my natural oils. Tonight I tried out a new method of first putting the oils through my whole head as usual, massaging my scalp and hair and then adding more oil into a plastic bag and letting my ends soak in all the oil they need. The plan is to sleep with this tonight, but I am a little scared that they might be some oil  on my pillow in the morning haha. But I will let you know hopefully tomorrow. Have you tried sleeping with conditioner or an hot oil treatment? Healhty hair = healthy  conditioned ends=long hair ;) 

Summer give away winners!

Good evening!

I am happy to say that we now (me and colours of Africa) have found our three winners of the summer give away. Thank you for taking part in it and I hope to bring more give aways to you in the future. 
If you didn't win this time around, please don't be sad or mad, It was all about the rules ladies. I put down the rules and so if you didn't write down for an example your full names, (Facebook and Instagram )or didn't follow me and colours of Africa on both fb and ig that's why you didn't win. 
Like I said there will be more give aways and it can only get better!
I love you all for taking part. 
Here are the winners! 
I will also tag you on IG to get more info so you can get your gift if you don't get a chance to see this post! 

Congratulations girls!!!!! 

Mary Kanu 
Zoe Freeman 
 Kari Amiahsum

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