Could home made conditioner be better for my 4c hair?

Hey guys! 
Hope you are doing great! The weather here in Stockholm is causing people to drift away, no more grills, hangouts or the energy to call a friend to come over hehe. Everyone is going into depp winter mode. What keeps my spirit and energy going ? Well first of all I'm a mother but then hair is also my hobby and time drifter. 
If you follow me on my facebook page ( many colours of a black woman) I posted yesterday that I am now on a new chapter with my hair. I can clearly see I have growing hair, which not only means I've been doing well with my hair regime etc but that with determination, studying you can do anything. So now that I know my hair is well, I'm ready to take the next step intoy natutal hait care world. Make more of my natutal raw ingredients. Why? Well I have s few reasons and they will be up on my youtube channel soon I hope. It's time to talk about the real lioness. 
Yesterday I posted a picture on facebook of me in the process of making my own sheabutter Conditioner. I also tried doing a two strand twist and the definition of it was craaaazy (without gel) so I'm guessing I might be on to something. I hopw to share a cute after picture with you soon. 
Okey I gotta hit the books now! Later! 

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