My vainty section, before and after

Hey loves! 
I have finally finished my o valled vanity section in out room. I'm not sure if I like the name vanity section haha but that's what they call it... I wanted a huge difference because we have really nice wall paper and the rest of room wasn't good enough for it. So I searched for inspiration when it came to furniture etc.My corner isn't actually that big because our bed takes more than half the room and our wardrobes are huge. So it was important to me that I used smart, small and well organized furniture. 
Here is the before 🙈

Here is the after 

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I've grown a lot since my last blog post

Hi loves! 
Hope you enjoyed your friday, I had a very odd day yesterday, I went shopping because sales is craaazy right now but I couldn't find anything, I spent probably 4-5 hours and came home with onyl things for Azelia hahah! 
I am going to look today as a last minute option. My plan is to show you what I got, so wish me luck otherwise I'll have to pull something out of the old wardrobe... 
Besides wardrobe failure, I had a great highlight/contour day haha 
Highlight = where you want the light to hit your face or you want features more shown
Contour= where you want shadows to hit your face and not put focus on. Makes features seem smaller.  
So here is the picture evidence. I think I've grown a lot since my last blog post, what do you think? 

First impressions of the NYX matte lip cream

Good evening loves! 

It's truly been a while so let me start off by saying I'm so sorry. I've been neglecting my blog for some time.  I've been so focused on reaching out on other social media groups but I came to realize that the best way to put down my thoughts, products and everything else in between is to write it down here. 
So as I mentioned on facebook and instagram  I would be trying out my new lipgloss from NYX.
This lipgloss is about 99kr and it is from NYX I bought it in Sthlm in Gallerian and the name of it is Transylvania it is a dark purple that is first creamy and then goes very matte and after an hour of applying it is very matte but hardly feels like anything on your lips.
I did have to apply several coats of it (about 3-4 times) to get the full coverage. 
It looked amazing. People were staring haha and it lasted about 1-2hours before It started chipping. I had a drink with a straw and it stayed on pretty well even while drinking out of a glass. 
My only disappointment was having to reapply it for it to stay beautiful. But it is worth the money and I do recommend to anyone who wants a bold lip for a night out but doesn't want too much attention.
Happy shopping ladies 😘

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