Purple boxbraids

Hey babes! 

I can't believe that January is almost over??? I come to realize that I sm running out of a few staple product and tools so today I was in town and bought a few things and I'm not sure if I should do a video or just a post? I might even do both haha. 
Here is my look today, I am currently working my purple boxbraids that I did myself whoop whoop! Don't worry i have several videos coming up so you can see more of it. Lata mate! 


My hairstyles of 2014 (plus my NY resolutions & what I wish for)

Good evening! 
2015 is here and I can't believe That we are already stumbling on to day 6 already!!! 
I have made a few new years resolutions. I usally don't but I want to grow in so many ways and I did a little soul searching and I realized that I need more discipline. I am greatful and proud of myself for even doing half of the things I did with youtube and etc but I need to step my game up for every month if I want to get where I need to be at the end of 2015! 
As for my hair year, it's been great! 
I do see a huge change in hair growth and I have more routines and plans. 
In 2015 I wish for
Thicker/healthier hair
Longer hair 
New styling options 
Try out more products 
And a trip to Jamaica hahahaha! 
No but seriously I have to put more youtube videos out there too. So that is my plaaaaan ! 
What I wish for from you as my follower is, to keep in contact and don't be shy to contact me and tell me what you want to see more/less of. 
Muaaah love you guys thanks for following me, please continue to do so! 
My hairstyles of 2014 
Its a mixture of wigs, braids, natural hair, crochets braids and protective styles in general. 
Colours of Africa, Taj Mahal, Diivine hair sweden & Afrostore and many more 😘 It's been a great year, let's  make it even greater this year! 

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Purple braids

Hey gurl! 
My page is still under construction uuuh, so frustrating, this company is seriously pissing me off, because right now I'm paying for something that clearly isn't working. 
I hope you haven't forgotten about me though!!! 
Right now I am in university for those who didn't know and I wone a protective style challenge that afrostroe.se hosted. Check out my youtube channel to see my video. 
In terms of hair I decided to braid my own hair because I'm broke haha, but the hair I'm rocking is really meee! A purple box braids, yummie! Here I am today ! 
Have a great day and pray that my page will be running new address and all. 

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