Lesson learned

Scribble scribble scribble!
I'm at home right now just finish putting stuff together at home. Went shopping only bought must haves cause I am trying to save money, have a lot happening next year :)!
Today is a really good day, not just cause tonight is a DH night but also cause things have never been this good.
My sunday and monday/tuesday have really changed things in my life a lot haha, but in a freakin' positive way :)
Monday I made a stupid discission that I am happy I learned from cause we have to make mistakes to learn from them. I'm not sharing what cause It's personal.
All I can say is that sometimes when you don't feel like something or know that something isn't for you, TRUST that feeling and move on haha;)
Anyways, I know I promised to post my pictures from the MAESTRO ENT. 30 years Anniversary but my internet is acting up ;( Sorry can't do anything about that until a few days. But the pictures are really nice so it's worth waiting for.
Now It's time to eat and then I'm going to this dancehall event! Wanna come?:

But that won't keep me indoors

Hey guys!
Hope everything is good with ya :)
A LOT of people are probably hung over from the weekend. So was I yesterday haha, I had way too much rumncoke for my liking. But I really did enjoy myself at STHLM HIGHGRADES BONDEN BASHMENT.
I didn't bring my camera with me that night but I really did enjoy myself with my cousins and my friend Rita.
The music was siiiiiick! it was reggae and dancehall like the promised. The age range was really mixed like the last time I was there. When I was there it was Vol.1 and friday was Vol.5 so it really has upgraded, last time the speakers were acting up, this time the only problem was that there were a lot of people. But you probably can figure out yourself it really isn't a problem :)
Anyways today I am feeling good, just tired and having a hard time concentrating with my eyes, think I might be coming down with a cold. But the ironic part is that I'm going swiming today, Mr. H invited me, I'm looking forward to it. I'm a sauna girl and a jacuzzi girl, I really find it relaxing.  So that's going to be wicked too.
I'm looking forward to seeing him too cause we haven't really seen each other the past month.
Which reminds me, his little brother became a daddy yesterday morning, so congrats again Elias and Natascha to your baby girl :)
I've got to fix a few things here at home before leaving. Have a nice sunday.
I haven't forgotten about pictures from Cocoa, frankie paul and Jboog. They will be posted very soon. Keep in touch!

Bonden Bashment 2night, enjoooy life!

YO Im ready for a night out, a night to meet new people and enjoy da music :) DANCEHALL i've missed you haha!
Too many people around me just putting bullshit in my head and right now I cyant focus on shit that doesnt make me feel 100precent. you feel me?
Anyways tonight is a night that I hope will be da shiiiiets! Heading to Bonden Bashment hosted by Sthlm Highgrades ;) Lets hope its hyper than Liza Hyper ;)
Im ready and rocking the gold chain tonight. Like if you like hate if you hate, I like it haha!
See you Im ina Dancehall style!
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