We are soon at 1k !!!!! Thank you

Good evening gurl! 
First of all let me start by high fiving  you because I just want to say yeeees, we are getting there 🙌. Many of you beautiful women have subscribed to my channel and are really helping me out, I'm almost at 1k 😃😃😃😃 I am so freaking happy. 
I'm not a media freak but I'm happily surprised because I almost fainted from my first video making because I was so camera shy hehe and now almost 1k subbies, wow,  I'm happy I took a chance on youtube. So girl subscribe to my channel and grow with me and become a part of the hype!
Youtube channel: lionessontherise

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Unexpected hightop

I hope your enjoying your weekend. 
I have bery little time over for blogging these days, but if you add me on instagram and my facebook page many colours of a black woman you will get my updates onmy life and hairstyles. 
I just wanted to share with you my look for tonights birthday bash at freddie cruger! 
This hightop happend as an accident meaning I was settig my gel and my scarf basically molded this hairstyle haha😃 
Here I am, enjoy your weekend! Muuuah

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Good tuesday morning! 
I hope everything's good with you. I am on my way to my first educational day at The Body shops main office. If you don't follow me on instagram : I applied for a job at The body shop so that I could get a closer approach to makeup and of course some money in my pocket doesn't hurt. The body shop is a great human rights and fair trade company so this is also a great way to get closer to my degree. 
So I'm loving life and heading in the right direction. 
As for my hair goes, We are getting aling hehe, here is a picture from this weekend 

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