Wanna hang with me baby?

Hey !
Just had a little thing that I reminded myself of today about how important it is to be greatful for what we do have and NOT for what we don't have.
The day before yesterday I remembered this special song that I posted very early, I think I posted it about the time I started my lionesses blog. I posted it in my happy moments with MrH but mostly I cried to this song, because we wanted so different things, I was in love long before he even had a crush you could say.
Then a few days ago I listened to this song again while I was at MrH's. The topic came up while we were talking about the song he gave to me that was Baby with Ghostface and  I asked him why he thought of me.
And that was when I remembered my song to him. Cause back then I was in love and he wasnt, so when I played it again a few days agi and I could hardly look at him...I felt the tears in my eyes because back then I was sooo broken down and didnt want anything else in the world than to be his girl. You could say that it was his words to me...so it made me sad that I couldn't just switch of my feelings and I asked myself why we couldn't just hangout. It bothered me that I fell in love, and he didnt.
But listening to it today, makes me sooooo happy, so happy that he is mine, and we had our moment in the kitchen, listening to the song, me kissing his neck and he asked- Wanna hang with me baby?
and I said, yes baby...
Beautiful....♥ Hold on to the positives and be thankful. Thats what I wanted to say, that yesterday could feel so negative, but tomorrow could turn totally to the positive, so hold on to the good and learn from the negative :)
Now I will only feel joy when I listen to this song.

On the last days of Christmas my true loves gave to me

Hey guys! I  was waiting on a few other pictures from Mr.H before making this post, but I can't wait any longer because then it won't really feel up to date. Breaking contact with people from the past = less christmas presents haha, but I don't mind that at all, cause its more important to have people that love you for you and only you.
But even if I got one present or no presents I got everything I wanted this Christmas, my love, health, strength and good friendship. But I was even blessed to get a little more than I thought.
From Esma: I got something that I can't be greatful enough for, Esma is muslim and doesn't celebrate the birth of christ of cause, but she bought a pair of shoes, for herself. But she fell so much in love with them that she couldn't return them, so she gave them to me :) These shoes are totatlly my style and they are freak high too haha! A little higher than I am used to, but I will rock em' in her honor ;). I am really greatful not for just for the sexy shoes but also a great friend. Always there no matter what. Love you mama ♥
From Baby I got:  a Hugo Woman Perfume, and something that I really needed a bedspread and a pillow to mtach, all in satin if I may brag haha! I also got a third present from him, but it's too personal to share ;) Only hint I can give is that it has bling bling on it. Thanks baby, Te amo ♥
I can't forget to mention that I also got a present from Mr.Hs dad: Home made earings of my choice, I can pick what ever I want and he will hook me up with it, and by that I mean with real feathers from different creatures depending on what is availble etc. It's nice to get creative/ownmade gift too not always something with "made in china" haha!
Here are a few pictures from my Christmas with babys family and friends, and my presents :)

I know I call myself Lioness, but this ain't no Hakuna Matata shit!

The day before yesterday Mr.H's younger brother came home from thailand with a bag full of these little guys. I hate small spiders, damn I hardly touch ants haha, but he freakin had grasshoppers and small, no wait I mean BIG larvals and some other freaky things in a plastic bag that he just dropped on the table.
These guys where not just dead but also fried ...eeeeuuuuw!!!
My neck is ithcing right now as we speak haha...I have always wondered how far would I go in fear factor or what ever, and I can tell you after seeing Mr.Hs brother picking, adding salt and freakin eating those guys I wouldn't make it so far hahah.
Mr. H who is a vegetarian was even thinking about eating one of those just for me to also try one hahaa.
I just couldn't do it. I tried to hold a little fellah but I couldn't even do that to even put it in my mouth hahaha!
This a normal fiest in thailand, people there love this shit hahah, would you eat these creepy friends?
I mean I know I call myself Lioness but this ain't noooo freakin Hakuna Matata shit !:
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