Now all speaking languages can read my blog !

I thought I would have moved away from this freaking computer but I'm on fyah today haha,
You guys reading the blog motivates me to make it as fierce as I can, even though I'm not a computer genius, I still try to make it look as fierce as possible.
So today I just wanted some of my swedish friends that have said that they don't read my blog cause they don't understand english that good, that they can read it now cause I've with the help from my personal computer geek Tania managed to hook up google translate on my page, I think it's up to the left, so no matter if your on your phone or computer you can now translate to your lingo ;)
I've already tried it, it's  like 70% right hahah!
So knock yourself out peeps, Lioness hooked u upz ;)

Club OMG was OMG, don't believe me? Check it out!

Hey guys!
It's friday, means weekend for most of you, but for me it's chill friday.
I'm invited over to Fridas hous for BBQ tonight is going to be a really nice. Her mama makes the best food OMG!!!
Everything about this week seems to be OMG ;) Which brings me to Club OMG once again.
People want to know how the new club is before they put there money on it so I'm going to try to inform you as good as I can about my experience when I was there.
I came really late first of all and almost risked not getting in hahaha! I AM NOT JOKING! The place was sooo packed that you could just feel the difference in the air as soon as I went down the steps that led to the dancefloor.
There were sooo much people! It was crazy, the heat was on, people were dancing their asses off !
The thing I was most happy about that evening was the range of diffrent people and music, I was really happy to see that different people showed up and trusted that it would be a fantastic night.
This is deffently a plaCE I could take my friends too not just the ones that like dancehall but also the ones that enjoy rnb and hiphop and we wouldn't split up while inside the club, cause I know that's the thing that sucks the most when going out, you get there with you friends, but your only hang out with two inside right? Not at OMG:)
What about the music?
The music was not only what DA LINK promised from Hiphop, rnb, funkyhouse and dancehall but those guys had the ol school and the new school, I LOVED IT! :) OMG It felt like I have found my favorite club for the moment. Even though I love my dancehall I love when they can mix the music and do you know why I loved it so much? Cause I didn't have to leave the dancefloor to get my mixture of music, my every music genre was there,  I think every single person in there no matter their choice of music had fun and got to hear what they came to hear.
I could tell that people where having fun. The only time I saw a serious face, was cause it was FREAKING WARM!!! OMG!!! But that didn't stop anyone from enjoying themselves.
So here are a little pictures from that night if you wanna see if it's "good enough" for your taste ;)
I can try to describe it but you have to be there to know.
As you can see they are totally into the music haha, love the girl with the long nails, she's in her zone!
I think this was the RNB (ol school music playing)  haha. Got people screaming, singing along and shit :P

My company for the night :) Emile and Patrick, thanks for the great company guys!
DJ:s Spin dat shit!
Loved the mixture :) And smiling faces

Goood morning world, swiming did help

Hi guys!
Hope you slept good. I did sleep just fine. I haven't been sleeping so good latley cause I really really need a backrub haha, I've always had a little back problems, but now it's like disturbing my sleep. As soon as I lay down my back starts  hurting, so I'm trying to work out in different ways to get my body in shape, mind off negative things and get my good nights sleep.
Yesterday I did a few laps in the swimingpool here in our area think about 45 minutes and oh boy I could really feel that in my felt really good, and I acutally felt it in my back while I was swiming as well so I hope that I will show some improvement on my back muscles haha.
But when I got home I was really tired so I slept like a baby and my back did feel a bit better. SO I think swiming might be the solution. Thinking of going out for a run soon, to do some sweating, keep in shape.
Check me out later for updates on the revlon bomb and more events in August.
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