Halloween and coming home to him, makes it much better

Good evening!
Feels awesome to be home, baby is unpacking his things from his old apartment and I am in the kitchen making some food and watching an episode of dexter. I have tried to watch it two nights in a row but always managed to fall asleep. But now while cooking I am on it hehe. My day today started pretty dull but working doesn't give much time for inner feelings. But coming home to my man did cheer me up plus I got my halloween outfit for this weekend. Well got to continue with food bye!

Too much

Hey, on my way to work, this week is kind of tough for me emotionally, not really feeling like myself. This morning was really tough for me to get up, I woke up about 30min before the alarm and I woke up baby and told him I wanted to talk. Always when being next to him I feel safe. He said that I seemed to be very dull this morning and I nodded. There are so many things going on in me emotionally. I don't always know how express my feelings towards other people so they will understand me. Those who know me, also know I carry a lot of baggage but most of the time I try not to let it effect my present. But this week defently feels like it is. Plus I am soul searching when it comes to the future, do I want to be here in Sweden forever? Am I still interested in meeting my father after being let down? My upcoming dr's appointment that could mean a whole lot for my future And other stuff that are too personal to put down.
I am trying to be positive and look forward to the positive things going on this week/weekend. Tomorrow I get to see my cousins son Erik and on Saturday is Halloween and after my last years miss, it would be fun to dress up and have fun.
I'm sorry if I made you sad by reading this but this is where I can be me and write down my thoughts. It does help to write things down sometimes...well time to work. Take care.

Good morning

Good morning on my way to work, haven't had time to actually scribble down some words, but will try to tonight. I feel like my head is going to explode:( I went to bed feeling like this yesterday, took a few pills and fell asleep...and now I feel the same :( I can't take all the load noises around me :(
Uh not a good start. But gotta work anyways..money money money!!!
Smell you later!

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