Kingston and Smirnoff

Good morning to you and yours, what?
Haha I don't know, just writing what ever comes to me head I guess. Today is a very sunny day, I'm drinking my tea like a true brittish haha and listening to Beenie Man like a true english-jamaican ! I guess I am a lot of things.
Yesterday i found my dear cousine Christina, can't wait to get contact with her, it was a looong time ago, we used to play when I lived in London, always me and Christina, we had a lot of fun, can't wait to hear from you mate :D
Right now Frida is at work, Tania is in the shower, getting ready for the night because believe it or not people we are going shopping again haha!  You just can't get enough ey?
No but seriously we need to get food and dresses, for tonight when going to Kingston (CLUB)cause we didn't bring any party clothes, and then if possible find a new years dress, phew! A lot to do!
I gotta hit the showers before Tania hits me...yes see, she just started calling me kaka aka -shit hahah! Bye!
Pre-order for tonight haha! This was the mms I recieved from tower, so tonight the kingston party is on fyaah!

Blue nails, hair and chocolate mousse

Good evening, we are still up and hanging out here, I've been doing my french manicure but instead of the white I did the blue :P
I have done a lot of different colors but this is probably the one I like the most.
The easiest way to get this look is to use cellotape:
While watching tv we had som chocolate mousse, it was really nice! :
Then it was time for Frida to help Tania to straighten her hair, so I just sat down and watched tv:
and now I'm listening to Anthony B on spotify, but very soon I will be hitting the sack! So good night yall!
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