Hey Girl !
I am so happy right now because my mini tutorial and summer give away is finally here !
This is one of many surprises I have in store for my followers. 
I have gifts from my favorite store Colours of Africa & I'm giving away my go-to- wedding hair, I also squeed in a mini tutorial of how I achieved it. Guuurl just watch the video all ready and you'll get all the info you need!
If you want to be a part of my give away, here are the rules if you have a hard time watching the movie. 
1. Follow me on instagram (Lioness_Davis) & on facebook (many colours of a black woman)
2. Follow Colours of Africa on instagram (Colours_of_Africa) & on facebook (Colours of Africa)
3. Put down your facebook and instagram name here in this post (further down) and let me know where your from, I want to get to know you guys ! :)
Here is the video enjooooy!
P.s I LOVE YOU !!!!
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My DIY earrings and bows

Good evening! 
For the first time in a long time i'mactually  bored hahaah! But that doesn't mean I don't have things to do I'm just really slow and tired. So i decided to do something creative with my "bored time" hehe ! As some may know I love making bows for my daughter and I usually make them with ribbon but today I wanted to use my left over fabrics so I made bows for azelia and a pair od earrings for myself which turned our pretty stunning. What do you think?


Headband in the back for her infant years so it won't weigh down her hair

Get Ready with me - African Style (video)

Good evening, finally my Get ready video is here! This is my first "Get ready with me" video. I created this video to show you my look for the Busy Signal concert in Stockholm June 2014. I share everything from my makeup routine to the custom made outfit from Sabaratay, whiles giving you some nice tunes from Busy Signal put together personally by DJ Ulmox! I really love to stand out and represent my African and Caribbean Heritage. Enjoooy!
 Here is the Video ! 
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