The Afro is growing

Hey guys!

Today I slept for looong and I feel even more tired.
Friday night was awesome at bambaataa always a bunch of people with a feeling for dancing. I was really happy with my hair it turned out great, ot is hard to take pictures but it had a plum color to it that are hard to show in a picture.
Today was my spa/treat my hair day. I tool a fierce afro picture today to show what my fro is looking like after soon one year of starting over. For those who don't know I cut my hair down to about 1 mm about a year ago and just kept it natural and not too many products, I do put in conditioners and treatments once a week from keraste. This is what it looks like today;) I do need to get it trimmed a little I guess cause the ends are getting very knotty. But this is what it looks like, I washed and blow dry it with a afrocomb that I attached to the dryer otherwise it is impossible!

A bit angry face haha but I like it, a little attitude in it. I call it; kill bill ;)

My look tonight

Hey guys my look for tonight, heading to bambaataa tonight and then fasching. This is my look tonight.
Colored by Moa at Toni and guy!

Classic of the day- Busy Latino

Good morning hope everything is fine and dandy! I am soo tired ad wish I could sleep an hour more or so, but as soon as I get a little breakfast in me I will probably awake the life in me.
As you cab propbably see, I have updated my blog, that no long is a blog but now on a webpage that has no commercials and is my upgraded ;)
Hope you enjoy it. Last night, when baby came home, I woke up and literally forced myself to fix a fee things with my blog.
I put in a few pictures on the header to make it more me.
I still have a little constructing to do.
Doing everything yourself for your webpage isn't the easiest task.
I was thinking so hard about what to post as classic of the day and couldn't really come up with anything, but then I thought of busy signal and his remake of Elvis Crespos Suave Mente. According to the sound and a few internet pages this song was from 1998 and the album, but this song was released according to itunes in 2001. So Im not sure if it's old enough, but it has a bit of an old school latin flavor to it and busy signals remake makes it a friday hit for my dancehall soul! So enjoy!!!


Orignal By Elvis Crespo :)


Remake by Busy Signal



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