Studynation and Okra Soup

Good evening!
I am really freakin tired, but still did what I had to do this evening.
I came home after hang out with Mr.H and I finally did the interview I had to do over the phone with Magnus, that is a receptionist and asked him a couple of questions about the company he works for, it was a part of my homework.
At the same time, I cooked Okra Soup hahah! I am nooot kinding! I have missed it like a baby misses a comforter haha.
It has just finished and ooh boy do I feel like eating it now, I put two peppers in it, so it's going to be just how I want it, spicey. In Sierra leone we usually make it with palm oil, just how I did tonight. But I won't be having any food tonight, this is for the days ahead that are full of studying etc.
I promise to hit you with my really funny weekend ( NOT!!! ) tomorrow, haha sad but so fucking funny at the same time.. shheeeeeeiiit! *Clay Davis, from the wire*
Anyways time for a sandwich and the wire ;)
Here is a proper okra soup from Sierra Leone, don't get too hungry ;)

Who am I going to be this halloween? , clue nr.2

Hey guys!
Hope you are doing good, and you probably are cause ist payfriday. We all got at least a little money in the bank so we can party as rockstars this weekend haha.
I'm at home today, and right now I am preparing for my halloween hollywood look-a-like.
It started out already yesterday evening, I bought this wig online and it looks absolutley horrible hahaha!
Not only cause it is blonde as you saw in the package, but  the construction of it, I mean it's almost seethrough haha haha.
As the hairfreak I am, I couldn't help myself reconstructing it, I know it's halloween and your suppose to be a little ugly, trust me I will be. But I just have to get the look of the wig just as this person I'm going to be, otherwise I won't feel right haha. I am a bit of a controlfreak basically. I admit that.
There is still a lot of work to be done on this wig, but this is how far I have gotten now.
I have cut it, and added a 100% human hair in it (purple) I might also use extra blonde hair.
I have actually used a curling iron even thought it's 100 % plastic fantastic. But I use it carefully, meaning, with the same degree *meaning that the tempreture doesn't rise* and I don't keep the curling iron on it for long. Don't try this if your not sure you know what your doing. This is good when you buy wigs online and they have been in a package for a while, then it's good to straighten them or maybe curl them like in my case if you want a bend in effect. My curling iron is on 120 c, all the time, I do turn it off at times to make it stay extra cool, better too cold than a burned wig, right?
Check my earlier post on how to fix and straighten synthetic hair, really good, under (hair).
Here are my befores and afters right now:

Who am I going to be this halloween? , clue nr.1

Good evening, just finished my piece of chocolate cake that I baked yesterday, listening to sierra leonean music and thinking about saturday (halloween party time). Before I go more into details, I just wanted to so that it is always a pleasure to listen to sierra leonean music, but from time to time, I can't help laughing cause the lyrics  kill me.
There is one song that is really good except for the second verse where she sings * I want you to be my cock and I will be your hen* hahahaha, I mean really?!? She meant it in a cute way, but it sounds really off, why not some other animal hahah.
Besides listening to african music, I'm getting my stuff ready for Halloween, I'm trying to figure out how Im going to construct this really bad wig that I bought online hahah, cause the character that I'm going to be is really someone people in the hiphop/rnb love and she is more of a fashion idol more than her talent in hollywood. but it's halloween so it isn't meant to be perfect, but it still needs my magic touch.
Gotta go construct the wig and do some artscrafting on the fake nails I bought hahah, here are the clues :
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