My look today. Happy belated birthday Bribri

Feeling like my inner hiphoper has been coming out these pass weeks, and I'm loving it.
it's comfortable and I getto go a likkle crazy haha.
Righ now I'm a home, waiting for esma to get her ass to town, yesterday was Sabrinas birthday (her daughter) and today is my day off, so we were  thinking we could meet up, have a little something to eat like we usally do and give all our attention to little bribri haha.
Anyways, I was thinking of getting her somethig, probably a pair of shoes, but her mama, probably won't let me, but mi nah care haha, dat's my boo, and I'm gonna spoil her untill I get my own bunch.
So I just got the text I was waiting for so I gotta run, this is me today, no that often I post my outfits, but today I had the time, just black jeans (new that I love, they sit just right, from hm actually) and a tshirt, I got from Mr.H that I've used only once.
Smell ya later
They fit just right =)

My green, white and bling day ;)

Hey guys!
Just got home from town, I woke up pretty early this morning, had a bit of laundry to take care of, so did that and then it was time to get ready for my day.
Felt that the hiphoper in me needed to be embraced, so put my airforces and my hat on and got down to business...
Today wasn't a stressful dayat all, I just had fun thing planned and I've just had fun people around me, so that made me feel good, and how can I forget the lovely weather, gad damn it :)
I spent most of my day with Sara at face, getting my nails done. Today we did a very different thing, I bought swarovski bling and then we attached them on a pointy that I have mentioned before that I wanted about some time in april hehe..finally had the nerves to do it. I think the only tip that works with this kind of thing is a pointy tip, cause a square tip would have just made it too much. I know a lot of people going to be saying it's too much, but fuck yall, cause it's on my hands and I fucking love it. If nicki can, so can I haha!
So here are a few pictures and oh yeah sara is awesome :) THANK U BOOBOO!
Sara thought it was really exciting that she got to do something crazy hahah ;)
Bling bling, money aint a thing

Dress white but act red on the dancefloor @ A YAH SOH NICE!

Heey good evening!
Hope you guys are feeling as irie as I am, I have a really good day together, been working most of my day, and then I went shopping.
I bought a few things that I need for my trip in August, still can't tell anybody about that sorry. But it's finally coming together so I'm happy about that...even though this thing was expensive I know it's worth it and will make someone else very happy.
I also had a new pair of sneakers on my wish list this month, so I got them today yeeeah* a pair of air force ones. all white just the way I like em' gad damn it, i've been wanting to get them for sooo long. I'm really happy!
I also added a new baseball hat to my collection. The pictures are after the text, yall already know how it works.
Tonight I'm not doing that much, just preparing for tomorrow and doing some laundry.
I've also got a skype meeting with Andreas, the guy I met at the cruise, ain't really anything special, just trying to patch up our relationship, meaning in friendship, cause we had a little misunderstanding not so long ago.
I've been working so much that I need to rest one night, and tonight is the night.
Today I met my cousine Kadidja that I haven't seen in ages, she's moved to Malmö, and we decided to go together tomorrow to the all white party at club A YAH SOH NICE that my man floyd is incharge of.
I hope that bedor is coming too, it was a long time ago since I saw her. So we are going there to show some support and of course dress in white and act red on the dancefloor haha!
I can't wait cause I don't dress in all white that often, and this is a new location than we are used to, all this makes it feel more unique.
But before partying I'm getting my nails done at Sara I can't wait cause I'm going a la rihanna style doing the pointy tip, diva style hehe :)
Well I'm out and I hope to see you guys at the all white party tomorrow. For more info scroll down.
Haa didn't even realize, jamaican colors ;)
This is me tonight;
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