Shelly Thunder!

Hey guys!

Just thought I should drop a few words before taking a shower.
I'm still feeling the same and I am still home from work and don't know how long I will be. Not much happening at the moment than staying home, taking walks, watching tv and the internet and tv have become my best friends.
I would like to have time for djing but I have sometimes a hard time doing anything;( its sad but true. My energy is low most of the day, recently I have a migraine that as been added to my list of symptoms. Whatevaaa!
Don't wanna talk more about it, anything with a screen I should be avoiding but I have nothing to do:( I try to turn of my phone from time to time, but I'm so lonely!!! Gaaash !!! Anyways when baby is home he plays music from his huge vinyl library so now I get at least to expand my musical library and I found something that doesn't hurt my head and let's me think of other things. One of my favorites so far Is a jamaican/american female artist that I hadn't heard of before and her name is Shelly Thunder! Love her so far!
I've always wanted to learn more about jamaican music before my time and miss thunder is really on my good side!
It's a ol school dancehall, hiphop influences sound on this track and it really works! Ol school hiphop when they messed around with the lyrics in a nursery-rhyming way is the best, I think.
Shelly thunder has a little of the comedian rap/dancehall flow to it.
Right now I'm holding my right eye cause of the pain in my head, so I have to stop typing.
But check her out! Miss Shelly Thunder!

African music to wake you up!

Hey guys, I'm at home, going through some cd's that my cousin hannah 
gave to me from LDN, and I wanted to share some of my favorite songs with you.
 Old and new songs, but most of all fun and african :)

Toilette role and water in my bag in case of emergency

Look like shit, feel like shit too...damn never let go of myself so much for so long, damn, starting to miss the old me;( did make an effort brushing my hair these days anyways, that's a start.
Hope you other peeps that are living the normal life are doing fine!
I miss a lot of things right now, i've turned into a unsocial, not interested in anything, crying, sobbing and lonley person haha! Why am I crying at times, cause I'm frustrated, don't want to feel like this all the time, day in and day out.
Right now I'm on the train eating a home made sandwich toalett role and water in my bag in case of emergencies. seems like those have become my best friend... on my way to the DR's, this is my 4 drs app in about one month, and no improvements...well not really in the blogging mood as you probably I'm ending it here.
Catch you later!

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