Can I man up?

Good evening, I am really out in deep water tonight haha, Im hanging out with Ulmox at Arkösund hotel cause he has a gig here and I hopefully will try to play a few songs if I can just man up. But to be honest I really want to do it but I guess Im afraid of making mistakes that I have made at home while practicing...pat has told me that I am a control freak and Im starting to believe more and more that, that is true.. But the only way to learn is to make mistakes so just gotta do it... We just had dinner about an hour ago and I had the best duckmeal ever!!!! It was with mashed potatoes and the skin was grilled/roasted and I couldnt stop eating it!!!! Daaaamn! Here are a few food pictures. Ulmox will be playing around 24.00 and I hope next time I'm here I can share good news hahah! Catch ya later!

Dj fright and yesterdays look at Scandic Malmen

Good morning yall! Hope all is well, this morning for me is not so good, I am exhausted from partying yesterday with Dj ulmox, he wanted me to play yesterday at scandic hotel malmen, where he usually plays but I was too shy, god I've got to get over myself and just start playing cause I have come a bit further now, been playing just 2songs back and forth to hit the tune just right. Ironically I choose sean paul, fat punky or what what ever its called and the spanish version and then went from that to partillos riddim, perfect harmony part 1, different songs there. I know that alex wants me to play tonight cause he's been telling me several times "your playing on saturday" and that scares me hahahah! But I had a nice time yesterday, and my look was very simple, had a nice skirt that my colleague Sara gave away, loooove it! And a shirt and matched that with my earings from funmi, colours of africa. Well here I am;" class="image">

Funmi colours of Africa

Hey just finished all the shopping i needed to do for today. I didnt buy the dress that I wanted but I got a new leopard dress, that I thought was pretty cute, its hard to find leopard dresses that dont look tacky, this is hars cause most so look like you bought them at a halloween store haha. But this was nice and just perfect for my budget. I also went by funmis store today. She is the woman I buy all my african stuff from, meaning scarfes for my head that you have seen and a few clothes. Today, she wanted me to try a skirt she is making, but it didnt fit me cause my ass is too big haha. But she was just making a prototype. I also ordered a skirt that I want her to make for me, this should be done by the end of the month. Took a little photos so you guys can see what kind of store she has at östgötagatan 36

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