How to get my ombré lips

Good evening! 
It's been a while. I created a makeup look that was actually pretty spontaneous. I am usually very planned  but not this time around but for me that is a good thing this year because sometimes I get too planned up and get very little done because I want everything to be "perfect".
How to get my Ombre lips
I tried something that I hadn't done before. I haven't been doing makeup for that long but I think it turned out pretty good. I used my mac ruby-woo lipstick and a black lipliner from Peggy Sage on the sides of my lips and just smacked my lips together to make it look more faded. 
Why Ombre lips
Ombré lips are great for those who want colour but are afraid or don't think a bright red for an example will look good on you. So a darker colour on the corners of your lips will turn it down a notch! But also if you feel like you want something different! 
Hair: from, colored and styled by me :) 
Makeup; By me 

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Party Gyal

I was inspired by this gorgeous necklace and beaded armbands from colours of Africa, so I created a gold glitter lid and black cut crease.

P   a r   t  y.  g   y  a  l

Necklace & armbands; Colours of africa
Hair: Divine Hair Sweden, perucian 22'' (home made Wig), Styled with curling wand and hair pins
Eye Glitter: Panduro hobby store
Makeup: Done by me 
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Makeup: Done by me.
Hair: Natural hair twist out and then put into a high bun using hair band. 
Kimono: From H&M
Nails done by Sophia. 
Earrings: Colours of Africa
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