My first MAC full eyeshadow tryout

I'm sooo excited haha, I tried my first make up eye tutorial for about 5min ago and I didn't turn out 100 percent asI wanted it to but it did go pretty well, everything was good except for the black color that is still having a slight blue effect on my chocolate skin :( When I went to mac it was black on my hand but in the mirror and blended with all these 3shades it's freaking blue!!! But besides that I love it! I think my techniques were pretty darn good for a first timer, don't you think? 
I think I'm going to mac tomorrow to get a tutorial with a primer that is like white cause now I have a goldish color, that should help black stay black. And I'm getting a new brown color/gel for my eyebrows and a brush from hm to get them to look fierce! I am in it to win it! 
I am also trying something new with a little videopic, hope it works, here I am sorry about the lighting guys, it's dark outside so this is what I can do at the monent, the picture to the left (the biggest one) is the finishing product when everything was well blended :) ! Peace and good night loves! 

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Thank you utube

Hey guys! 
I'm now on my way to h&m to buy some brushes for my new found love of eye makeuping. I have a really freaking expensive brush from MAC but I don't think I need to spend tha much again on two new brushes so I'm doing the budget thing and buying them from h&m. 
I went the other day to MAC to buy a black eye shadow cause the ones I've bought in the past always turn blueish on me (guess they were cheap) so I bit my finger and bought the one from mac which was actually under 200:- so I'm happy about that. The MA I bought it from said that they would give me their eyeshadow box and my eyeshadow for 175 if I bought them together so of course I did that but the problem was I already had an eyeshadow at home that was in a other container, so I wanted to know how would I be able to put it into my new box? Cause otherwise there was no point in me buying the box. She serioisly told me (not joking) to go on utube and look up : how to remove mac eyeshadow to box. Now I thought damn this is a really bad sales pitch hahaha. But I did it, and damn thank utube!!! 
It was so easy, I removed it from it's container, burned the plastic, pushed the steal from the plastic and tadaa it came out and I could put it into the new box. Damn now this got me thinking I should have bought the bigger one, but next time :) 
Isn't it amazing guys?! What youtube can do these days hahah! 
I'll put in the link later, just check the same post in an hour or two! Toddles!! 

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Make up morning

Good morning! 
A short post, Azelia is enjoying lunch at the moment, as soon as we got out of the bathtub she gave me her normal morning scream (aka give me food now) and in the background I'm listening to a guy (yes a DUDE, and he doesn't seem gay, haha) on utube who is awesome at eyeshadow tutorials and as I said before I'm ready to take my makeup skills to the next level. I guess you could say I've been inspired by the hair tutorials on afro hair, when I see girls with gorgeous make up. I really feel like if people like them, just ordinary people can teach them selves then I should also be able to. I love make up and I've been using it for years so time to take it to the next level guys! 
I did try going to mac to get a makeup tutorial but the girl really suck and it looked nothing like what I wanted, I know it's hard when you live in a country that had limited access to everything for black people but mac is a well known brand for dark skins but still she jusy didn't know what to put on me, so I'm going to learn my damn self haha! 
Soon heading to h&m to get a few things, here iss the dude im following at the moment :)
talk to you later! Peace! 

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