You still have responsibilities in life

Good morning, feeling like I owe a blog post or two lately since I haven't been here in a while.
A lot of unexpected things have happens that haven't really allowed me to function as I usually do.
So right now I've taken time off from work (dr's orders) so I really don't do much with my days. Today I am going to make an attempt of going to the gym, haven't been there in about three weeks cause of how I've been feeling.
Not going to share whats going on cause it's private. But now you know why there hasn't been a lot of blogposts lately.
I'm going to try to have some breakfast and then fill in some paper, pay some bills and then if I feel better than I am at the moment, then hit the gym.
I also have a few important errands to run in town, really don't want to go anywhere, but I kind of have to, cause even if your sick you still have responsibilities in life... Well good morning!
Hope you have a nice day!

Going to this party to revenge my husband!

Good morning! Haven't been here in a while cause I've been i'll on and off, but today my good night sleep and sunshine is doing me some good so far. Today is the day that I seriously need to take care of myself. My hair is a total distaster so need to attend that asap! Tonight we are having a christmas party at work. And the theme is the god father. I tried looking for a black person in any of those movies and I don't think there is any, so I'm going as that persons wife haha, and my husband has been killed and I'm attending this dinner party that is going to be filled with rich italians and nice food to hopefully revenge my husband hahahaha. I will show a bit of grief with my black clothes and a little funeral vibes but they won't know that, cause I'm going to tell them that this is my personal stile;) Well time to have some breakfast before I get ready for the total make over of me and my horribly looking bedroom. Nice to be back!
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