Rocking the fro !

Yo !
Took my hair out on midsummer and I don't really have the length that I want yet. But it's growing good. since I shaved my head in october. I'm aiming for a big curly fro, might have to put some treatment in it to get more defined curls, but no chemicals, I'm just staying natural and nappy haha, but this is what I've got at the moment :) 
Got to represent the real me as well right? This is the most 100% human hair ever ;) hahaha
Nappy headed Lioness here she is :

Midsummer waka waka update

Hey guys!

Hope your week is going good so far, mine is going really good, nothing to complain about. except the weather haha I just can't stand that it's raining all the time or cold. I mean it's about 15c everyday when is summer coming ;(. Anyways, last weekend I was home for most of the weekend it was really nice cause I was really tired. I went to our African Waka Waka party that was hosted by maestro and it was really nice, the food, drinks and there was a lot of people, from different parts of africa/swedes and other nationalities were there as well. There was a dancehall performance and two dancefloors. One african floor and one dancehall floor hosted by trinity sound. I really enjoyed myself.
My company for the evening was with Lola and Leslie even though we didn't see leslie that much cause he was the doorman for the night. Me and Lola spent most time drinking and dancing, but about two hours we felt sorry for Joe and Joy that were the bartenders for the night so we helped them out for about two hours. Hahaha CRAAAAZY!!!! All you could hear was * chapati, beer wine, vodka please..." all the freakin time haha *pheeew. But I was just happy that so much people showed up. We left around 05.00 and I woke up around 15.00 feeling pretty awesome haha.
Here are the few pictures I got from that night:


Lola dancing:

We are helping out joy and joe haha :

I was standing by the windows cause it was so freaking hot and I saw this while people were dancing, cool picture:

My look for the night, rocked a nigerian head tie that I bought form fumi, that has an african store called colors of africa, she is just awesome, fell in love!

Our trip home took forever, but it was worth it, Lola couldn't keep up with me and Leslie (my neighbour) the last 5minutes home hahah
i  was pretty drunk here, but you can see that Leslie feels like the worlds greatest cause he made it up the hill
Lolaaa...not feelin soo great hahaha!
Thank you floyd and tim, leslie and lola for an awesome night, and thanks to all that came <3 
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