My DIY earrings and bows

Good evening! 
For the first time in a long time i'mactually  bored hahaah! But that doesn't mean I don't have things to do I'm just really slow and tired. So i decided to do something creative with my "bored time" hehe ! As some may know I love making bows for my daughter and I usually make them with ribbon but today I wanted to use my left over fabrics so I made bows for azelia and a pair od earrings for myself which turned our pretty stunning. What do you think?


Headband in the back for her infant years so it won't weigh down her hair

Azelias hair and head band fashion

Wow, I can't believe I've been a mother to this fantastic, cute, bubbly and cheeky baby girl almost a year! 
She makes me smile everyday and I can't wait for the rest of our life long journey together! 
I love hair and I have put my interest of that already into Azelias life, for those curious I haven't started brushing her hair yet and I've only done two conditionings. I am not stressed at all about her hair, I won't be doing any braids/weaves soon hahaha! 
I just enjoy her using cute bows/head bands. 
I started hair -decoration-planning already when she was in my stomach by making different bows for her but I have also been buying them from different places (h&m, jamaica and crafting them with materials from fabric stores and online). She looks adorable in all of her different styles.  
Here are a few. Her hair is really soft, she has a little of my texture at the back of her head but besides that pretty soft. 
Here are a few pictures of Azelias head band fashion!

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Mummy and me : Fun head wraps for you and your daughter

Me and my daughter Azelia were matching the other day a la african headwrap style. 
This is so cute for special occasions for mummy and me matching. I took my african material from my favorite store colours of Africa and cut an extra piece for her. 
She did try taking it off a couple of times during the day but I wrapped it on her again and again and again haha and then she got used to it and I wrapped it again HAHA! 

Here we are: 

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