Makeup school 4: Smokey eyes with a dash of color

Hey makeup fans! 
I am currently  50% well from my flu thank god! I seriously don't have time to lay down and do nothing, time is money! I am just getting started in life and I don't have another minute to waste. 
So as soon as I felt better this morning I decided to do my homework. My makeup homework this week is; Smokey eye!!! I LOVE smokey eyes, because it looks sultry and basically anyone can master it with the right tools. 
I used to be afraid of the smokey eye and I used to hate it because I thought it was a white girls look or at least all other light skinned black girls look. OK basically everyone who wasn't my skin tone. 
Why? Well because no matter what products I bought it wouldn't turn out BLACK but more blue. My latest home work was about doing a smokey eye and I mixed it up a little because we could either do a normal two color (neutral and black)  look or a smokey eye with a dash of color so I chose to do with a dash of color.  
I was happily surprised when I used my sleek "bad girl" palette to find that their colour "Noir" was not only black in the palette but also on my eye *THANK YOU JESUS*  so black girls or any girl or anyone who have the same "black" issue as me, the sleek bad girl palette is the BOMB!!!!
So TIP: Get sleek "bad girl" palette if you want neutral great colors and a real black matt eye shadow.  
Also the main key to smokey eyes is to start of with a small amount of shadow and blend blend blend!!!! 
If you want me to recreate this eye look, please like on Facebook or leave a comment and I will do a pictorial if I reach 50 likes! Thanks! 
In the picture I've blended out the most of my black eyeshadow, so it may appear more lighter than it is but further down is a picture of it on my hand so you can see how dark and rich it is! 
In my picture I have a mixturr of 6colours but its all blended thats why you can't see all of them, do you now believe the magic of blending? 

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