Makeup school 3: Bridal

Good afternoon !
Last week wa as usual a very hectic week. I managed to do three makeovers and I thought I could share one of them with you. This look was for a bridal look. I was going for a natural eye and lips with a touch of gold and shimmer because a bride is suppose to shine. For those who do not know, I am in makeup school and I share my photos, which also means that this isn't a real bride hehe. 
As for what I learned this week is that I am going to have to really take in "less is more" because I love the dolled up, beat up what ever they call it aka a lot of makeup look. In my eyes it is pretty, but that doesn't work for everyone. SO not only am I learning less is more, but also how to makeup without looking too maked up.
Tip: Shimmers are really pretty on dark skin girls to give us a little extra glow, this one is from Peggy Sage. 
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