Hot oil treatment (Trying out the plastic bag method)

Hey loves!
It's been a while and I see a few of you have been checking me out. I'm here girl, I'm just studying and figuring out my next move in life. I finally did my finals in makeup *wiiihooo* so today I could relax body mind and  soul and that gave me the energy and time to do my hair.
I recently cut my hair (trimmed) hehe it was shedding and had a lot of knots. I promised myself after Jamaica I was going to stop being so scissors happy so I could see more of my new growth and I think I made it to 5 months before I gave it a little trim here and there, but then I cut it again a few days ago and it made SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE. I am really happy because I almost wanted to cut it all off hahaha. Anyways tonight I decided to do a proper hot oil treament with my natural oils. Tonight I tried out a new method of first putting the oils through my whole head as usual, massaging my scalp and hair and then adding more oil into a plastic bag and letting my ends soak in all the oil they need. The plan is to sleep with this tonight, but I am a little scared that they might be some oil  on my pillow in the morning haha. But I will let you know hopefully tomorrow. Have you tried sleeping with conditioner or an hot oil treatment? Healhty hair = healthy  conditioned ends=long hair ;)