The h&m beauty blender is a huge disappointment

 I had a little time to practice my contouring/highlighting today *yeeeah* I am trying my best to work my magic with the tools I have and being a black girl really puts a little bit more hard work into it. I mean getting everyhting to blend and match my three toned skin lol! FYI my neck is colour, my face is two and my body is another hahah ! 
I also realized today that I can not keep on buy the bugdet alternatives first and then the expensive later because everytime I buy a budget product I'm disappointed. 
Let me tell you about the h&m beautyblender sponge that I bought. It didn't even take in water and get bigger, it just removed my product from my face and that wasn't what I wanted. So to get the perfect highlight/contour perfectly blended out I need that beauty sponge. So I am going to get the real one asap and hope to have flawless contours/highlights etc soon. 
Even though I don't have it I tried to work my magic with what I have and this was todays look! 

This is without the beauty blender. Can't wait to see what I can do with it! 

Here is a picture of the hm beauty blender ( this picture doesn't belong to me, I just found it online) . DO NOT BUY IT!!!

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