The best makeup organizer ever!

Hope all is well! 
I am in a great mood because the sun is shining and I have finally got my hands on a big wantie that I found  3 months ago but because it was so populare I had to wait for 5weeks. 
I went to Ikea to check if it was there around last month and it was gone so I made sure that I would be one of the first to know when it got in and the day before yesterday they texted me! 
I boughy two of these (god morgon hylla is the name) so that I wouldn't run out haha! They are 149:- and perfect if you love makeup like me. You can put brushes, lipstick and what ever you feel like in there. Where the brushes are you can lift to put thing under! 
I love it! Hurry up girl and get yours because you CAN NOT ORDER ONLINE!!! 

You can lift the brush apartment and put things underneath. 

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