Sleek I-Divine- Could they be what I've been looking for?

Thank you all for enjoying my page and keeping me motivated, I truly love doing this and I hope you guys will hang in there with me because I do have a lot planned for the future. One of my growing passions is makeup and I am in a learning stage and trying my best to learn the different techniques of full face make ups.
I started this category because I wanted to share my journey with you and help you find some great products for women of my colour in Sweden / Scandinavia because I know how hard it is finding products that look great on dark skin. 
My share with you tonight is of course makeup related and it is all about sleek eye shadows. One thing I am learning on this makeup journey is that all the colours out there look so nice but they always come out different on black (my) skin and it is frustrating because I some times feel like you can't see some colours on me or they tend to fade because of the cheap quality and that it is hard to find great neutral colours. I have been using my BH cosmetic shadows and they work great for learners but some times I feel like I need to step up my game and it is very limiting having products that fade away or don't show that much. (Apparently) primers are suppose to give you the base you need to keep eyeshadow from creasing and fading away but I think the primers are not the problem: for me it's not really about the primer more about the shade. If a shade has great pigment etc then it will show on your skin no matter if the eye shadow is dark/light/shimmer or not, right? I think Mac has pretty good shades that I use, but they are pretty expensive if you want a whole palette. I have been checking out the sleek I-divine palettes and finally this month I have decided to by them from I have seen reviews on sleek eye shadow and they are suppose to be affordable and high pigmented especially their black shades hehe, so I can't wait to try them out!
Here are the three palettes that I just ordered, I am sooo happy has these palettes and I didn't have to buy it from the UK or US, this saved me a lot of money guys. 
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