Second day with flexi rods curls

Hey loved ones! 
Hope your weekend was great! Yesterday was mothersday in Sweden and we attended another grill birthday bash but this time in our area. I was still rocking my flexi rods curls (day two) and I didn't seperate them, which I kind of wish I had today because then they would have looked much cuter today, why didn't I seperate them? Well because I was actually in love with the cute small curls they gave me with out having to open them, who would have known that length wouldn't be a big deal this time around? 
Could this mean that I'm enjoying my hair and finally excepting all that comes along with it haha? 
Yesterday I wrapped my head again and rocked this look. 

My lipstick is a mixture of a beige tone (apoteket) and a darkpurple (mac)
Scarf is from creole in Stockholm
Shades are from Monki  
Earrings - Just Africa