My hair results after using soft n beautiful sculpting foam

My day started pretty early and I slept pretty good with these flexi rods in my hair. I did unlosen a few though because I don't want to lose my hair haha (they were pretty tight after a few hours! 
I had a dream about my hair falling out while I was unraveling my flexi rods HAHA
This morning our lovely daughter azelia decided to wake us up at 07 so I decided I didnt need these flexis in my hair anymore! So I took them out and so far I haven't taken out the curls but this is what it looks like. My hair texture doesn't feel scrunchie like some alcohol products leave your hair, or maybe it's because I put in shea butter?
 I love the size of the curls and I hope I can find something cute to do with this. 
What do you think
I'm really happy with the sculpting foam, it managed to keep my frizz calm enough to give me these babies! 

I used my red flexi rods at the back and my yellow in front! 
I did not use a comb/brush for this look at all for this look because I've stopped brushing and combing my hair all together and it has really worked in my advatange when it comes to hair loss, thickness and definition.