I created a look about two weeks ago that I really was happy with. 
I'm trying to create looks according to my outfits to get more creative but also just freestyle without putting too much thought into it because that's when I usually get stuck in my head and end up doing nothing.
I am NOT a makeup artist I'm just learning different techniques and hopefully I will one day be one of the best at it ! 
This is my 4 edition of the BH cosmetics palette that has only shimmer colours. 
The black is from the 5th edition which in my opinion the best black colour i've come across so far. Macs's black is huge disappointment on a dark skinned girl like me because it turns blue. 
Here is my look, if you like it please share or like:

.L  A  N  D      T  H  A  T     W  E      L  O  V  E.
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